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Initial post 31 MAY 14 by Rosefolly
Whenever this rose is in bloom, every visitor to my garden bypasses every plant I consider to be lovely and choice to makes a beeline for this rose. People love it. No scent at all to my nose, but bodaciously healthy. I grow it as a large free standing shrub about 6-7 feet tall. It doesn't need to be supported except that sometimes huge trusses of bloom weigh a cane down. It doesn't really belong in my garden of old fashioned roses but it has become clear to me that I will never be able to remove it.
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Initial post 1 AUG 13 by Rosefolly
The donation I just sent to HMF through Paypal was sent in memory of James Delahanty.
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Initial post 19 SEP 11 by Rosefolly
Hi -- just wondering if there was any clue as to what is causing some of us to lack the "My Garden" tag on our display. I've just heard from another friend who also doe not have this tag, yet obviously for most people, the tag is there.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 19 SEP 11 by HMF Admin
We are working on that problem an expect to have it resolved soon.
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Initial post 15 SEP 11 by Rosefolly
Dear HMF,

I would like to enter my garden, but I am not getting the garden tab. You can read the whole sorry history on Gardenweb's Antique Roses Forum if you like. Is there something obvious I am missing? I am logged in. My default setting is to have partial cookies enabled, but even I experimented with allowing ALL cookies and that made no difference.

Thanks for your help.

Paula Larkin Hutton

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