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Initial post 28 JUL 15 by kai-eric
for a better understanding of socrate's appearance please try to have a look to the 'komlosy chromolithographs' of old roses published by late bob edberg. can anyone help us out?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 28 JUL 15 by Patricia Routley
I saved this when Mr. Edberg sent a couple of the Komlosy plates as a flyer for his publication, but it has COPYRIGHT LIMBERLOST ROSES 2010 stamped all over it. The picture is quite apricot-looking but I am unable to enlarge it to see more details. Certainly does not look like what I remember of "David's Dilemma".
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Initial post 28 JUL 15 by Gartenjockels kleine gaerten
looks a lot like 'homère' in bad habit. proliferates easily, has crinkly petals and equally crinkled leaves which makes him look awesome sometimes. as it is one of the most hardy teas it seems to have assumed a lot of identities - i received it even as ' madame de watteville' from danish sources.
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Initial post 18 JUL 15 by scvirginia
To my inexpert eyes, the foliage, buds and flowers all look fairly similar to those of 'Gribaldo Nicola'. Or at least the HMF photos of same.

Reply #1 of 2 posted 20 JUL 15 by kai-eric
they may have similarities in being highly hybridized, but flowers of gribaldo nicola are tiny cups and foliage is different as displayed in the picture beneath: on the left the more rounded leaflets of 'gribaldo nicola', on the right the more slender of 'le parré'
Reply #2 of 2 posted 21 JUL 15 by scvirginia
Quite different, indeed!
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Initial post 16 JUL 15 by kai-eric
dear etienne, i am right confused about similarities between madame h.leuillot and some of the different types of mme j.gravereaux . did you notice some fragrance on your leuillot, and could you try to describe it? is it strong and fruity?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 17 JUL 15 by AmiRoses
I see what you mean. I have to wait for a new flower to answer you.
For me, MHL is not a big climber and does not have flowers as big as MJG.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 17 JUL 15 by kai-eric
hello étienne,
thank you for your reply.
it seems that at least one cultivar in commerce is available under the name of 'madame jules gravereaux' as well as 'comtesse de noghera' and does represent an almost semi-climbing rose, if at all. in the collection of sangerhausen, both items are seemingly identical.
now, i came across 'mme h.leuillot' which shows great resemblance to that gravereaux/noghera-type, especially in the bud with its contorted sepal tips and strongly blotched petal bases as well as the colouring of the blossom wich can display vibrant fiery nuances in the center as features dominique's picture of the plate in levieuze's catalogue.
i am eagerly expecting your novelties!
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