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American Rose Annual
p60 Mrs. Herman H. Hardison, North Carolina. There are Roses in Alaska!. 'Persian Yellow' and 'Agnes', while having healthy foliage, produce flowers almost white, due to early blooming in this colder weather, I presume.

p91 In "Central Canadian Rose-Breeding," by Miss Isabella Preston: "...the hybrid Rugosa, Agnes, which was the result of a cross made by the late Dr. William Saunders in 1902. It is the finest rose originated at the Experimental Farm."
(1954)  Page(s) 50.  
Table 1, Hybrid Rugosa Roses, section ii, lists 4 triploid Hybrid Rugosas: 'Mrs. Anthony Waterer', 'Agnes', 'Rose a Parfume l'Hay', and 'Ruskin'.
(1927)  Page(s) 113.  
Paul B. Sanders: Rose Varieties in Ontario. No discussion of roses grown in Canada would be complete without definite reference to the new Hybrid Rugosa ‘Agnes’ which was awarded the Walter Van Fleet Gold Medal in July, 1926. this rose, a cross between Rosa rugosa and Persian Yellow, was originated by the late Dr. William Saunders about 1900, at the Central Experimental Farm at Ottawa, Canada, where it has, since that date, been under test with highly gratifying results. It is a strong grower, produces an abundance of fragrant, pale amber, double flowers early in the season, and is definitely hardy, needing absolutely no winter protection in this climate. In habit and foliage the bush resembles its Rugosa parent, and so is not particularly adapted to bedding, but as a specimen bush or in groups on lawns, it is fine. The blooming period is short – about three weeks – but the variety is invaluable because of its hardiness, earliness of bloom, and the unique color of the flowers.
(1924)  Page(s) 80-81.  
The cross was made by the late D. William Saunders, at the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, Canada, about the year 1900. It bloomed first in 1902, and has been under test at Ottawa ever since, during all of which time, so far as the writer is aware (and he has seen it every year) it has never been noticeably injured by winter.....Although introduced by the Experimental Farm, Ottawa, only in 1923, it will be noted from the statement above that the rose has been given a thorough test there. A few plants are available to those who care to obtain them.
(1960)  Page(s) 253.  
New Roses of the World. Agnes Lucké. HT. pink blend. (F. J. Armbrust, int. C. Langbecker & Sons, ’59). Happiness x Cl. Peace. Medium, long pointed bud opening to cerise pink inside, whitish pink outside; flower large, semi-double, high-centred, continuous bloom borne singly. Good lasting qualities, moderate fragrance. Green, leathery foliage on upright plant, height 4 foot; slight mildew.
(1943)  Page(s) 25.  
Mrs. Frederick L. Keays. Noisette Roses.
The clusters of 'Aimee Vibert' are quite heavy, on long strong stalks; blooms are two to two and a half inches in diameter; fragrance is of musk. Foliage is darker and more shining than usual in Noisettes. Being a continuous bloomer, 'Aimee Vibert' is delightful any month of the rose season and excellent both in spring and autumn. Being a true Noisette, with no Tea strain, it is hardy.
(1964)  Page(s) 189 and 191.  
page 189 - 2120 Air France HT. Issued to Angelo Asseretto, Sanremo (Imperia), Italy, assigned to Michel Blanchon, Paris France, Jan. 9, 1962

page 191 - Air France HT. dr (Cav. Vincenzo Asseretto; int. Michel Blanchon '58) unnamed seedling x 'Poinsettia.' Medium, oval, red bud. Chrysanthemum red with reflections of Tyrian purple at center, double, cupped, medium bloom borne singly on long stem. Moderate fragrance. Fair lasting quality. Leathery foliage. Hardy bush. Vigorous bloomer.
(1997)  Page(s) 142.  
Miniature, white, 1997; 'Esprit' x 'Party Girl'; Brown, Ted; Flowers white, large yellow stamens; single (407 petals), medium (1 1/2-2 in.) blooms borne in small clusters; slight fragrance; foliage medium, dark green, glossy; bushy, medium (2 1/2 ft.) growth, patio.
(1988)  Page(s) 165.  
Alba Meillandina ( Meinabron ) . Min . ( M.L. Meilland ; SNC Meilland & Cie , 1986 ) . Meidonq X ( Darling X Jack Frost ) . Fl . white , very dbl . ( over 40 petals ) , medium ; no fragrance ; Fol . small , medium green , semi - glossy ; bushy growth; w.
(1930)  Page(s) 66.  
We also have a bush of Alberic Barbier grown the same way as the Prof. C.S. sargent. It has a spread of 30 feet, with thousands of flowers smaller than the Sargent blooms. This variety has been giving us a few flowers all fall...
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