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'Blue Moon' rose References
Book  (1984)  Page(s) 127, Pl. 5.  Includes photo(s).
Blue moon HT Raised by Tantau, Holstein, Germany. Introduced 1964. Parentage Sterling Silver seedling x unknown. Also known as Mainzer Fastnacht. This was reckoned to be the first 'blue' rose, though to be more like a lilac. A great achievement, nevertheless, as this was surely the best grower of all of this shade (including the forerunner and part parent 'Sterling Silver' which although pretty lacked real vigour). Fragrance and long flower stems add to the charm and make it irresistible to flower arrangers in search of the unusual. Medium upright grower.
Website/Catalog  (1982)  Page(s) 45.  
Blue Moon An excellent rose of lilac mauve, upright and strong necked.  Fragrant. Still the best of the “blue” shades.  Medium/tall. Tantau 1964.
Book  (1968)  Page(s) 38.  
Roy Rumsey.  The Best Roses of the Last Five Years.  
Blue Moon Undoubtedly the best yet in the mauve or blue Shades.  It has attractive shape, clear colour, good petal texture, strong perfume, and is free-flowering. It gives a delightful effect in a massed bed.
Book  (1967)  Page(s) 175.  
S. Brundrett & Sons, Victoria. New Roses. (advertisement) 
Blue Moon  HT. (Tantau) Ice blue, large clear shaded flowers freely produced on long stems. A definite improvement on 'Sterling Silver', both in bloom and growth. The outstanding variety in the "near-blue" group. Very fragrant.
Book  (1967)  Page(s) 102.  Includes photo(s).
Mainzer Fastnacht, French synonym: Sissi (H.T., Tantau 1964) - This rose, so remarkable for its colour, is especially suited for group planting and as cut flower.
Book  (1966)  
p21 Roy and Heather Rumsey, NSW. New Roses. 
Blue Moon  HT. (Tantau) A very lovely variety in the most unusual shade yet of all the so-called blues. The colour of this rose can honestly be said to be a silvery lilac blue. The petals have a lovely sheen on them, and are deeper tinted towards the base of the flower. The blooms are well formed, having a high centre, and about 30 petals. In addition this variety is highly fragrant, and appears to be a very good grower. (Unnamed Seedling x 'Sterling Silver').

p110. Dr. A. S. Thomas:
'Blue Moon' and 'Kolner Karneval' despite their close resemblance, have very different parents.

p110. Dr. A. S. Thomas. New Roses in Victoria. 
Blue Moon (correctly 'Mainzea Fastnacht'), HT.  (Tantau, 1964) Unnamed seedling x 'Sterling Silver'. This is the rose to which I referred, as unnamed, on page 60 [50?] of the 1964 Australian Rose Annual. A tall, strong, healthy grower with fairly big pointed blooms that are possibly a little more greyish-blue than those of 'Sterling Silver'. Thirty petals, strong perfume and very few thorns.

p113. Dr. A. S. Thomas. New Roses in Victoria. 
'Song of Paris'....Less sharply pointed and darker than 'Blue Moon' and 'Kolner Karneval'.

p166.  S. Brundrett & Sons.  New Roses. (advertisement). 
Blue Moon HT.  (Tantau) Ice blue, large clear shaded well formed flowers produced freely on long stems. A vast improvement on 'Sterling Silver' in both bloom and growth, and quite the best of the near blue sorts. Very fragrant.
Book  (1965)  
p170  Associated Nurseries Pty. Ltd., Victoria.  Roses for 1965.  advertisement.
Blue Moon 

p174 T. G. Stewart, Victoria. Roses for 1965.  advertisement. 
Blue Moon
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