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Book published 1938.

Authored by

Jan Böhm

10 favorite votes.  

Book published 1998 by Chicago Review Press.

Authored by

Barbara Ashmun

19 favorite votes.  

Book published 2001 by American Rose Society.

Authored by

 American Rose Society

17 favorite votes.  

Book published 2002 by American Rose Society.

Authored by

 American Rose Society

16 favorite votes.  

Book published Aug 2002 by American Rose Society.

Authored by

 American Rose Society

22 favorite votes.  

Book published 2005 by American Rose Society.

8 favorite votes.  

Book published 1829.

Book published 1964.

Authored by

Henry Edland

Book published 1830.

1 favorite vote.  

Book published 30 Jun 2018.

Published by the World Federation of Rose Societies. 

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