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Article (newsletter) published 1997 by Canadian Rose Annual.

Authored by

Joyce Fleming

5 favorite votes.  

Article (newsletter) published 2015.

Authored by

Brigitte Wachsmuth

Article (newsletter) published Aug 2013.

Authored by

Darrell G. H. Schramm

Article (newsletter) published Nov 2012.

Authored by

James Delahanty

Article (newsletter) published Mar 1998 by American Rose Rambler.

Authored by

Kim L. Rupert

13 favorite votes.  

Article (newsletter) published Jul 2012.

Authored by

Katsuhiuko Maebara & Yuki Mikanagi

Article (newsletter) published 1997 by Pittsburgh Rose Society Newsletter.

Authored by

John J. Butler

12 favorite votes.  

Article (newsletter) published 1996.

Authored by

Francois Joyaux

18 favorite votes.  

Article (newsletter) published Oct 1998 by American Rose Society.

Authored by

Nancy Lindley

6 favorite votes.  

Article (newsletter) published 18 Sep 1999 by Sequoia Nursery.

Authored by

Ralph Moore

4 favorite votes.  

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