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3 days ago
8/5: Up-potted LavDream, Quicksilver and Bordeaux. Repotted Blush Hip.
8/9: divided and up-potted bordeaux and up-potted Katherine Zeimet!!! Repotted Flamenco Rosita. Buds on DRW, FR and FinS.

6/20 Cuttings: IW: 7:SwampRose. #4: RedFountain, White Groot 1:Poseidon, Outta the Blue.5: NOID rose, probably Cl.America. 7-13: WilliamBaffin, Lavender Dream. #5: Cl. RedCascade, EarthAngel, FirstLight. N.B. Forgot to tag OtherB, therefore some Poseidon are OtheBlue. Same with FirstLight.
6/20: CGofR:#5b: Complicata, Katherina Zeimet #9: WCHRun, YL,#10: HonE,OurAnn. #12: Liebeszauber, Phloxy.14: Poseidon. #15: CurlyPink, RRH, Pompon de Bourgogne.
OwnGarden: BelindasBlush,TheGG, Bordeaux, Nahema, SotR.
14 days ago
I sprayed yesterday morning early - Bayer Advanced fungicide plus Bonide Systemic Insect Control plus Liquid Kelp, along with a little SuperThrive thrown in for good measure. It took four gallons to cover about 185 bushes. One thing I have noticed, both times after using the Bonide Systemic Insect Control, is that this product seems to be a deterrent to Japanese Beetles. I suspect it's the smell, which will wear off in a day or two, but yesterday afternoon in full sun there were no beetles in my gardens.

Does SuperThrive really help? Nobody really knows the answer definitively but I do believe it helps. It certainly doesn't hurt. In his book Showing Good Roses, recently deceased and recent ARS President Bob Martin states that he believes SuperThrive contains Triacontinol, which is the growth stimulant found in Alfalfa. That's good enough for me as I use Alfalfa tea religiously. Earlier this morning I dispensed 20 gallons of fortified alfalfa tea on all of my bushes that could use a boost. I fortify with Epsom Salts (1/2 cup) and Sequestrene 330 Fe chelated iron (about 6 TBS) and two capfuls of SuperThrive. Alfalfa Tea really smells but I know of nothing better to help roses grow strong stems with big blooms.

Great rose growing weather continues here - a little less humid this week than it was over the weekend. High projected in the low 80s for the next 5 days. My gardens are loving the great weather!
25 JUL
LOVE this rose. She blooms all the time. The BEST cut flower I have. Longest lasting in a vase.
25 JUL
Planted in Fall 2021, so 2022 is first year with blooms. Not that prolific as a bloomer for me, but I think it's too crowded. Beetles LOVE THIS one!
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