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Canadian Hybrid Roses
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Initial post 15 MAY 10 by Unregistered Guest
I have a yellow, miniature rose hybrid, that says it was grown in Canada, and in small letters, where it says how to care for it, it says.....a tiny version of an oldtime favorite. How To Grow: Indirect light. Moderately moist soil. Mod. home temp, 65-70 degrees ( 18-21 degrees C ). Can you please direct me on how to care for this beautiful rose bush? Right now, I have it in a indoor greenhouse, and giving indirect light, by way of grow light...watering 2x per week. I had tried to plant outdoors, and it almost killed it. I live in St. Louis, Mo......I want to keep it healthy, and need help.....not doing to well, although, better than was doing outside.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 16 MAY 10 by Lyn G
Check out the HMF Ezine article by Rory Lee for some basic information.
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