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'Abel Grant' rose References
Book  (1899)  Page(s) 1.  
Abel Grant, HR, Damaizin, 1866, rose tendre
Book  (1894)  Page(s) 216.  
Hybrid Perpetuals
Abel Grand (Damaizin, 1865). — A useful early garden Rose of very strong stiff hardy growth, with fine foliage, and stout and numerous thorns. This is a good type of the "garden" Rose, as, though its flowers are not good enough for show, the plant is vigorous and hardy, doing fairly well in poor soil, strong of constitution, not liable to fungoid pests, and flowering freely in summer and in autumn. The pink blooms are of large size, open and flat and rather weak in the centre, not very lasting, and with thin petals. It has sported once or twice to a lighter shade, one of these variations having been fixed and named "Bessie Johnson," and a climbing sport of this has also been issued.
Book  (1893)  Page(s) 233.  
'Abel Grand'. mod. [growth] or free. H.R. Damaizin, 1865, 'Jules Margottin'; type. Glossy rose, large and full, fragrant; unreliable as to form, often the finest in autumn.
Book  (1889)  Page(s) 156.  
Hybrid Perpetuals...Abel Grant (Damaizin 1865). Large, double, silky, with silvery reflexes.
Book  (1882)  Page(s) 1.  
Abel Grand... Hybride Perpétuel. Damaizin. 1865 Rose tendre. Fleur grande. Plante vigoureuse.
Magazine  (16 Jul 1881)  Page(s) 78.  
Mr. William Paul has kindly favoured us with the following list of twelve very sweet-scented Roses: -- "La France (H.P.), Devoniensis (Tea), Gloire de Dijon (Tea), Charles Lawson (H.C.), Soupert et Notting (Moss), Fisher Holmes (H.P.), Saint George (H.P.), Pierre Notting (H.P.), Marie Baumann (H.P.), Queen Eleanor (H.P.), Abel Grand (H.P.), and the Old Provence."
Website/Catalog  (1880)  Page(s) 231.  
Rosiers hybrides (remontants)
4. Abel Grand. — Grande, pleine, beau rose argenté.
Book  (1880)  Page(s) Annex, p. 3.  
hybrid perpetual, ABEL GRANT (Damaizin, 1866), whitish pink, silky gloss, large, double
Magazine  (1880)  Page(s) 322.  
Abel Grand, hardly worthy of being retained for its June blossoms when we have so many finer, is a vauable fall sort
(1878)  Page(s) 111.  
Abel Grant, très-beau rose
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