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'Apricot Nectar' rose Reviews & Comments
Discussion id : 61-081
most recent 18 JAN 12 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 18 JAN 12 by goncmg
Almost 50 years old and still there is nothing like this one. Has been in my garden since I was a child, and agree with what is written prior, it does get BIG, this is not your normal "floribunda." And absolutely likes to grow as wide as high, too. In 6a it is good and hardy, always comes back, the blooms are gorgeous until they age then, as others will agree, they tend to hang on and hang on and spot terribly. Does anyone else remember back around 72-74 when ARS took many HT's and FL's and reclassied them as GR (only to reverse the change around 75)? Apricot Nectar was one of them and probably one of the better candidates to have been reclassified, because of its size..........has anyone ever tried breeding with it? Mine never set the hips..............Gay Princess, 1967, is not unlike a light pink version of Apricot Nectar...........
Discussion id : 36-352
most recent 14 MAY 09 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 14 MAY 09 by Jeff Britt
I have tried to grow Apricot Nectar twice and each time was disappointed. First, I should say that the flowers are lovely -- nicely formed and with wonderfully subtle color. My problem with AN has always been the same: powdery mildew. I don't know why it is such a problem for me, since others don't seem to have more than a touch of mildew to report. Both times it was a crippling infestation that left the foliage distorted and ugly. buds shrunken and flowers spindly. I've shovel pruned it twice and have reluctantly given up on growing AN.
Discussion id : 12-328
most recent 22 MAY 06 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 22 MAY 06 by Donna Williamson
Apricot Nectar was one of the roses planted here when we moved in.  Trees had grown up around it since its initial planting and it was leggy and sparse.  Two years after we moved it to a sunnier location, it blooms profusely.  The bush became quite wide (even after a rigorous pruning) and still tends to produce some leggy stems that are too weak for the weight of the blooms.  Absolutely beautiful rose, but I can't detect much fragrance.   No blackspot so far this year.
Discussion id : 10-040
most recent 17 SEP 05 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 17 SEP 05 by Patricia Boswell
My first year with apricot nectar. Planted in Jan as bare root and it seems kind of leggy. The flushes up until now... not many and rather pale and quick to blow. This most recent flush, it's darkening nicely and getting that lovely intensity as in some of the photos here. it has a little bit of powdery mildew when I let off the spraying (but is just fine in my garden with neem oil and I use low volume sprayers, so some water on leaves). It's staying, hoping with the increasing years it'll get better and better.
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