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'Kiwi' rose Reviews & Comments
Discussion id : 101-361
most recent 24 JUN 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 JUN 17 by TLMKozak
I cannot kill this rose although I seem to have tried! I love it! Garden is either 4b or 5a.
Discussion id : 44-542
most recent 25 APR 16 SHOW ALL
Initial post 9 MAY 10 by Rozilla
This is one of my favorites. I'm in zone 9 with high heat and humidity and it performs non-stop. I've had it for 6 years, and it has never disappointed me.
Reply #1 of 5 posted 9 MAY 10 by HMF Admin
... but you've not added it to your HMF "Favorites / Recommended" list ?

In addition to listing you favorites for other members to peruse, we total the favorite votes to list the plants with the most favorite / recommended votes. The same for the plant ratings.

Adding a plant (or nursery, garden, etc.) to your favorites list is very easy and almost instantaneous. Just the click the ADD TO FAVORITES button near the top of every page.

Voting for your favorites is a great way to help participate in making HMF better for everyone.
Reply #4 of 5 posted 24 APR 16 by AlanaSC
I can't tell how to use the favorites.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 24 APR 16 by Give me caffeine
On the Description page, there's an "Add to favourites" button just beneath where it says "'Hot Cocoa ™' rose Description". First button on the left. ;)
Reply #6 of 5 posted 25 APR 16 by HMF Admin
It can be a little confusing because it's so quick: Note when you click the ADD TO FAVORITES button it immediately changes to DEL FROM FAVORITES (short for DELete). This indicates you have recorded the currently displayed item as one of your favorites and you now have the option of removing it from your Favorites List should you so choose to (eg - maybe you selected something as a favorite but didn't mean to).
Reply #7 of 5 posted 25 APR 16 by AlanaSC
Ok Thanks ya'll. I don't know why I didn't see that!
Discussion id : 44-671
most recent 9 AUG 15 SHOW ALL
Initial post 14 MAY 10 by Slugger15
So the little beauty bloomed yesterday, and I was most anxious to test its fragrance. I know that sometimes a person's mind can play tricks with them, but I swear the blooms smell like cinnamon. My husband took a whiff & said the same thing. Has anyone else noticed that Hot Cocoa's blooms carry a hint of cinnamon? It can't just be the color of the bloom playing monkey business with my brain, I hope.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 15 MAY 10 by Unregistered Guest
It has some fragrance.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 25 MAY 14 by Rosecandy
To me it smells more like a sweet fruit. I detected no cinnamon, but my bush isn't very old (been in the ground 5 weeks) so that may change.
Reply #5 of 4 posted 9 AUG 15 by raingreen
I noticed cinnamon too--has a marvelous light scent of cinnamon/freesia. Right now in my garden it's an eye-catching brick-red-orange. As a landscape designer I feel the plant has an ideal shape for a small gardens--tall enough to be majestic but a narrower-than-tall v-shape. Very bushy, attractive foliage. Thorny though!!!!!
Reply #6 of 4 posted 9 AUG 15 by Rosecandy
You aren't kidding about the thorns! I had to get rid of mine because of them!
Discussion id : 82-254
most recent 29 DEC 14 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 29 DEC 14 by Michael Garhart
This rose is absolutely huge, once mature. Mine is 6-7' tall, and it grows straight up. It never really stops blooming or growing. The color is always variable. The thorns are always immense and many. Probably one of the easiest modern roses to grow.

Note to breeders: Do not match it to another rose that produces very double seedlings. Your seedlings will not likely open. It like to produce very double seedlings itself, which is strange given its lineage.

I was looking at this rose again yesterday, since it is pruned next to Touch of Class. Guess which plant is bigger, and both are huge? Hot Cocoa. I point this out to those that try to place this rose in a traditional floribunda bed. Do not do it. This rose is very tall. I do love this rose. Most russet roses prior to this one were vigor-less and usually disease prone. This rose broke the mold, and then some.
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