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'Los Angeles' rose References
Magazine  (Dec 1933)  Page(s) 102-103.  
Variétés de jardins. Rosiers Pernet.... Los Angeles (HOWARD & SMITH, 1918) : fleur de coloris feu, rosé éclatant, teinté de rouge corail et nuancé de jaune d'or clair à la base des pétales, très grande, de belle forme, fortement et agréablement parfumée
Website/Catalog  (1933)  Page(s) 86, 94 (photo).  Includes photo(s).
Los Angeles (Pernetiana). The blooms are very large, well double. The colour is medium salmon-scarlet (6,5/7,5 la/ga), when fading medium chrome-salmon (4,6 ia). ....Low garden plants 1 piece RM [Reichsmark] 0.50   semi-standards 1 piece RM 1.-  standards 1 piece RM 1.60
Article (misc)  (4 Mar 1929)  Page(s) 45.  
Los Angeles is [beautiful], of course, but winter kills [in the author's Maine garden], and can be most satisfactorily replaced by 'Willowmere'
Website/Catalog  (1929)  Page(s) 120, 125 (photo).  Includes photo(s).
Los Angeles (Pernetiana). The blooms are very large, well double. The colour is magnificent rosy fire-red, coral-red inside and shaded golden-yellow. Low garden plants 1 piece RM [Reichsmark] 1.-  standards 1 piece RM 4.-

Same photo: 1933 (cut-out)
Book  (1928)  Page(s) xxii.  
[From an advertisement] Robert Evans Hughes, Rose Specialist, Williamsville, New York... Pernetianas [are] much superior when budded on 'Gloire des Rosomanes' stock. This distinction is quite noticeable in the Roses Los Angeles and 'Souvenir de Claudius Pernet'... Our Hybrid Perpetual and Hybrid Tea Roses are budded on Japanese Multiflora stock.
Website/Catalog  (1928)  Page(s) 10.  Includes photo(s).
The "Niles Three"
These three superb roses- Los Angeles, Mme Edouard Herriot ("Daily Mail") and Hoosier Beauty- are shown in the color plate on page 14.
Los Angeles.  Hybrid Tea.  Originated in California and named in honor of the southern city by Howard & Smith, Los Angeles.  Its flawless form and perfection of color has made it acclaimed throughout the world as the pink-par-excellence.  Its lovely buds are long and proudly pointed, gradually changing to blooms of perfect form, and of a color best described as flaming pink, springing from a golden setting.  And with it all a valiant bloomer, rose succeeding rose throughout the season, filling the garden with perfume and loveliness.
These three roses, postpaid, for $2.35.  Any one of these roses, price 85 cents, postpaid.  The four above [including Golden Emblem], postpaid, for $3.25.
Website/Catalog  (1927)  Page(s) 87.  
Los Angeles (1918), glossy rosy, with coral-red and golden-yellow shadings, of magnificent fragrance and perfect form, an especially valuable rose (Pernet). 1 piece M 0.80, 10 pieces M 7.-, 100 pieces M 65.-
Website/Catalog  (1927)  Page(s) 35.  
Worth-while Roses.
Pink Roses.
Field-grown, strong 2-year plants, $1 each, $7.50 for 10, $50 per 100
Los Angeles.  Hybrid Tea.  Luminous flame-pink blooms, toned coral-red, shaded translucent gold at the petal base.  Sturdy plants that bear an abundant crop of large, fragrant blooms.  Stands fifth in the Referendum of the American Rose Society.
Book  (1926)  Page(s) xii.  
[From an advertisement in the American Rose Annual 1926, p. viii:] The newer shades in roses such as Coral, Old Gold, Saffron Yellow, Terra Cotta and Oriental Red are obtained by planting Pernetiana Roses, and these roses are only a success when budded upon Rosomanes Stock. This distinction is quite noticeable in the rose 'Los Angeles' which proves a failure when budded upon any other stock... Our Hybrid Tea and Perpetual Roses are budded upon Multiflora and Manetti Stock... [they note that in their catalog they] do not pass along the description of the Hybridists as the roses grow in Europe but as they grow in our Nursery, always stating defects as well as merits...
Website/Catalog  (1926)  Page(s) 94.  
Hybrid Teas. Los Angeles Hybrid Lutea (Howard and Smith 1916) Wonderful rosy orange - salmon-gold colour, fragrant; very recommendable cut and forcing rose.
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