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"Mrs. Morgan's Delight" rose References
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 163.  
Cochet, Maman (tea) Sc. Cochet 1892; m. van Houtte X Mme. Lombard; flesh-pink, center light carmine, salmon and nankeen-yellow, very large, double, globular, high-centered, broad outer petals, rosette-form, lasting, solitary, fragrance 5/10, floriferous, continuous bloom with interruptions, strong upright stems, growth 6/10, dense. Sangerhausen
Article (magazine)  (1931)  Page(s) 104.  
All the following are well worth growing:-

Both the Cochets (Pink and White). - These beautiful, full-bodied, well-shaped roses, taken all round, are yet unsurpassed.
Website/Catalog  (1927)  Page(s) 35.  Includes photo(s).
Worth-while Roses.
Pink Roses.
Field-grown, strong 2-year plants, $1 each, $7.50 for 10, $50 per 100
Cochet, Pink Maman.  Tea.  No finer Rose than this.  The color is a deep rosy pink the inner side of the petals being a silver-rose, shaded and touched with golden yellow.  No Rose surpasses it in vigorous growth and in the immense size of its buds and flowers.  For summer cut-flowers it is a wonder.  Deliciously fragrant.
Website/Catalog  (1926)  Page(s) 44.  
General List. (25) Maman Cochet (T. Cochet 1893) 4. .....Scentless.
Book  (1926)  Page(s) 32.  
Maman Cochet (P. Cochet, 1892): a very popular rose that I do not like. It is highly successful in almost every part of the country except the extreme North, favorable reports coming from Texas, Idaho, Kansas, Florida, Maryland, and New England; but I have never seen a decent bloom upon it. The outer petals wither; it drags itself on the ground; the washy pink color fades or becomes speckled with red dots; in fact, it makes a mess of itself generally.
Website/Catalog  (1925)  Page(s) 82.  
Tea Roses...Maman Cochet.  Well-double, beautiful, elongated form, flesh-pink...Low-grafted garden plants 1 piece G.-M. [Gold-Mark] 1.-

[no longer listed in the 1929 catalogue]
Website/Catalog  (1924)  Page(s) 16.  

Maman Cochet. — Fl. rose carné lavé carmin clair
Website/Catalog  (1924)  Page(s) 29.  
[No 15 of 200 in General Rose list - position based on previous year's sales]

Maman Cochet (T.) (Cochet, 1893), 1. [Tall, rampant growing, non-climbing sorts suitable for back row] - Deep flesh, outer petals suffused light rose. A large, heavy bloom of splendid form at its best, with a tendency to hang its head unless well grown. Mildew-proof foliage. A splendid variety for hedge work, either by itself or mixed with its white sport. Should not be heavily pruned, as it induces malformation of petals. E.
(30 Jul 1922)  Page(s) 22.  
[excerpt from a paper by Arthur Moore written for the Queensland Horticultural Society on rose development]

"In 1893 appeared Maman Cochet. No rose ever has, and no rose ever will succeed in enlisting so many friends and admirers as this, the greatest of all roses. Unfortunately nobody can tell how it was raised, for not withstanding the good results obtained by scientific hybridisation, many of the old Continental raisers continued to pursue haphazard methods. Many of us who make these matters a close study believe that Maman Cochet is a seedling from the well-known tea rose Mme Lombard (not Lambard, as is generally written), but I will not trouble you with the reasons which have led us to this conclusion."
Website/Catalog  (1922)  Page(s) 19.  
(8) Maman Cochet (T.) (Cochet) I. Deep flesh, outer petals suffused light rose. A Iarge, heavy bloom of splendid form, with a tendency to hang its head unless very well grown. Mildew-proof foliage, and a splendid variety for a hedge either by itself or mixed alternately with its white sport.
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