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'Pink Radiance' rose Reviews & Comments
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most recent 17 AUG 14 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 17 AUG 14 by CybeRose
History of the Rose - Page 216 (1954)
Roy E. Shepherd
RADIANCE (Cook, 1904)— For many years after this variety was introduced by Peter Henderson in 1908, it was the most widely distributed of all Hybrid Teas in America, and now, almost fifty years later, it is still recognized as one of the best pink varieties. Its vigor, tolerance of different climates and soils, comparative disease resistance, and large, fragrant, cameo-pink blossoms of 23 petals were directily responsible for the later popularity of the Hybrid Teas as garden plants. Radiance was the most famous of the more than 25 varieties produced by John Cook of Baltimore during nearly fifty years of breeding work, and was the result of crossing Enchanter X Cardinal, both previous Cook introductions.
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most recent 24 DEC 13 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 DEC 13 by CybeRose
American Rose Magazine 1(1): 5-8 (March-April 1933)
In Difficult Kentucky
Mrs. George W. Babcock,
Rockledge, Ky.

There is no necessity of going into the budded versus own-root controversy here. I exclude Radiance, which will grow on its own roots or anybody else's, anywhere for anybody, apparently, but for the rest of the everblooming roses there is no argument. The budded stock is, for us, much stronger, drawing on the understock's rugged constitution.
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most recent 23 AUG 07 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 AUG 07 by edalweber
Radiance grows extremely well, and large in New Orleans.No disease problems, blooms virtually all year.I had a huge bush that was planted in 1952 and throve until killed by Sidney Barthelemy's Flood,which is what really destroyed New Orleans after Katrina had passed.
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most recent 27 SEP 06 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 27 SEP 06 by San Jose Heritage Rose Garden
Notes by Fred Boutin on the 'Radiance' family, by date.
'Radiance', J. Cook, 1904, Intr. P. Henderson 1908
'Red Radiance', A. N. Pierson, Inc., 1916 [mh:  Later withdrawn]
"Gude Bros. 'Red Radiance'", Gude Bros. 1916, darker than Pierson's, both light crimson
'Mrs. Charles Bell', Mrs. Charles Bell, intr. A. N. Pierson, 1917. Red Radiance sport.
'Striped Radiance', Vestal, 1919, Red Radiance sport. Red Radiance with white stripes.
'Dixie', W. R. Gray, 1925.  Red Radiance sport but more double, salmon pink, very lasting.  Resembles Mrs. Charles Bell but more double, deeper salmon, more cupped.  Elmer offered this.
'Radiance, climbing', 1926, intr. 1928, Griffing
'Red Radiance, climbing', Pacific Rose Co., 1927
'Mary Nish', ('White Radiance'), Pacific Rose Co., 1928. White, tinted shell pink in center.  Very large, dbl, frag.  Foliage rich green, soft, glossy.
'Red Radiance, climbing',  H. J. Catt, NSW, Australia, 1929
'Mrs. Charles Bell, climbing', Thomasville Nurseries, 1929
'Grand Prize', Kistler, 1935, pat. 183.  Red Radiance sport.  Very large, dbl, cupped, very fragrant.  Some petals red, some white, some spotted.
'Adolphe Gude', Gude, 1941, pat. 462.  Red Radiance sport.  Large, 5 1/2 to 6 inches.  dble, 30 ptls, frag., clear rose-pink, reverse deep rose-pink.
'Mary Carver', Chick, 1950.  Red Radiance sport.  Bud globular, fl very large, 5 inches, very double, 80 petals, cupped, very frag., shell-pink.  Blooms all season in Australia.
'Careless Love', Conklin, intr. Golden State, 1955, pat. 1582.  Red Radiance sport.   Red streaked and splashed white or pink.  Not reliably fragrant.
'Mrs. James G. Penny', Joseph W. Vestal & Son,  date???.  Sport of 'Radiance'.
It would be nice to find 'Dixie', 'Adolphe Gude', and 'Mary Nish'.
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