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'Royale pourpre' rose References
Book  (1842)  Page(s) 273.  
R. gallica....Varieties....with carmine-red, purple-red and red blooms...George IV, dark purple-red
Book  (1840)  Page(s) 38.  
Hybrid China Roses...Rivers's George the Fourth is also an English rose; but as this came by accident, its origin is not so well ascertained.
Book  (1840)  Page(s) 44.  
Rivers's George the Fourth is still, perhaps, one of the best of this family: it was raised from seed by myself, about twenty years ago, and contributed probably more than any thing to make me an enthusiastic rose cultivator.* It is now much esteemed in France, where it is comparatively a new variety.

* I hope to be pardoned the digression, but even now I have not forgotten the pleasure the discovery of this rose gave me. One morning in June I was looking over the first bed of roses I had ever raised from seed, and searching for something new among them with all the ardour of youth, when my attention was attracted to a rose in the centre of the bed, not in bloom, but growing with great vigour, its shoots offering a remarkable contrast to the plants by which it was surrounded, in their crimson-purple tinge; upon this plant I set my mark, and the following autumn I removed it to a pet situation. It did not bloom in perfection the season after removal, but, when established, it completely eclipsed all the dark roses known, and the plant was so vigorous that it made shoots more than ten feet in length in one season. This plant is still living, and nearly as vigorous as ever.
Book  (1840)  Page(s) 182.  
List of show or prize roses
George the Fourth, hybrid china
Book  (1838)  Page(s) 781.  
Hybrid China Roses, .....These roses are all hybrids between R. índica and R. gallica: "they are all very beautiful, and have that pleasing, glossy, sub-evergreen foliage peculiar to the China 'rose, but make a great deviation from that section, in not being perpetual bloomers; in this division are some of the most beautiful roses known; and, among them, George the Fourth, raised from seed by T. Rivers, jun., may rank among the best. These are also all very robust, and will grow and bloom well in the most unfavourable rose soils: their peculiar habit and vivid colours render them particularly well adapted for standards."
Book  (1838)  Page(s) 409.  
Although the present work pretends to treat only of rose culture as practised by the French, it would be unjust to pass over wholly without notice the remarkable varieties obtained in our own country. A list of the finest roses, of unquestionable English origin, is therefore subjoined; which the lapse of a few years will probably enable us to double in extent...
Rosa Hybrida Indica...Rivers's George IV.
Magazine  (Jul 1837)  Page(s) 40.  
Lettre de M. Vibert à la Société, en lui adressant une collection de Roses....Longjumeau, 5 juillet 1837...
Provins...George IV.....
Book  (1837)  Page(s) Sect. III, p. 55-56.  
Hybrid Chinas...Georg the fourth, magnificent, mild fragrance. Blackish purple-violet, when she is located in shade, cener fiery blood-red. In sun, she usually Blooms much lighter, often only purple-red. The petals are matte on the reverse and whitish crimson, 2 1/2 inches wide, often even larger, very double, somewhat expanded. She is one of the most beautiful Hybrids. Foliage over 1 1/2 inches Long, 1 Inch wide, dark grass-green, glossy above, matte beneath, shallow serration. Almost no prickles.
Royale pourble, is the same above rose, or at least very similar in bloom from time to time
Book  (1837)  Page(s) 876.  
Rosa bengalensis. Roses du Bengale.
Hybrides qui ne fleurissent ordinairement qu'une fois par an.
71. George IV. fleur cramoisi, et pourpre obscur.
Website/Catalog  (1837)  Page(s) 12.  
Hybride Georges IV....1 fr. 25 c.
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