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'Alpenrose' References
Book  (Mar 1994)  Page(s) 10.  Includes photo(s).
Rosa pendulina The alpine hedge rose... its dark-rose-colored flowers can still be seen in the Alps today...
Book  (Mar 1994)  Page(s) 88.  Includes photo(s).
Rosa pendulina Description and vital statistics...
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 510.  
R. pendulina Linnaeus. Species, pink, single, ('Alpine Rose'; R. Alpina Linnaeus; R. cinnamomea Linnaeus) Cult. 1683. Description.
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 163.  
location 149, R. pendulina L. var. curtidens CINNAMOMEAE, medium pink, single, moderate fragrance, large, solitary or in pairs, floriferous, late-blooming, very vigorous, arching + upright, well-branched, broad, 4 m, dark green medium-large, matte-glossy, 7 leaflets
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 163.  
location 146/3, R. pendulina L., ALPENROSE, CINNAMOMEAE, southern + central Europe, in the mountains, 1789, pink, shaded deep pink, single, medium size, solitary or cluster-flowered, vigorous, upright + arching, branched, bristles, light-medium green medium-large matte foliage, 5 leaflets, dark red small-medium glossy pear-shaped fruit, upright sepals, fall of complete
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 163.  
location 146/2, R. pendulina L. var. heterophylla Rouy, CINNAMOMEAE, deep pink, single, fragrant, medium size, vigorous, arching-upright, well-branched, 2 m, 7 elongated leaflets, blood-red medium-large glossy urn-shaped fruit, upright persistent sepals, many hips
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 164.  
location 226/2, R. pendulina L. var. imhofii R. Keller, CINNAMOMEAE, pink, single, mild fragrance, medium-large, cluster-flowered, vigorous, upright-arching, branched, 2.5-3 m, few prickles, dark green medium size matte foliage, 7-9 leaflets, orange-red small-medium matte-glossy urn-shaped to rounded fruit, upright elongated foliaceous sepals, fall off complete, ripe early
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 164.  
location 146/5, R. pendulina var. pubescens (Koch) R. Keller, CINNAMOMEAE, purple-red, center lighter, single, mild fragrance, medium size, solitary or cluster-flowered, early-blooming, bushy, branched, 1.5 m, few prickles, medium-dark green medium-large matte foliage, 7-9 leaflets, blood-red medium size glossy foliaceous long ovoid fruit, upright persistent sepals, many hips
Book  (1981)  Page(s) 122-123.  
R. pendulina L.
R. alpina L. ; R. cinnamomea L. (1753); R. pyrenaica Gouan; R. pendulina f. pyrenaica (Gouan) R. Keller
A suckering shrub of variable height, averaging 2 to 4 ft. height... stems and branches usually reddish brown, often almost unarmed...; Leaves 2 to 6 in. long with mostly seven or nine leaflets....Flowers solitary or in twos and threes, deep pink or purplish pink, 1½ to 2½ inches wide....Fruits red, flagon-shaped to roundish. Native to southern and central Europe, ascending in the Alps...cultivated since the 17th century. Often the only prickles are a few weak ones at the base of the branchlets. It has fine foliage, and is also very handsome in fruit....
Book  (1976)  Page(s) 179.  
Botanical roses on the territory of the USSR, whose independence requires precising...
R. pendulina L. - according to Juseptschuk synonym for R. cinnamomea (R. majalis), according to Chrshanowskii a hybrid of R. acicularis X R. majalis, isolated itself more and more from these parents when moving towards the south. According to "Flora Europa" a hybrid of R. gallica X ? .
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