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Pax  rose photo courtesy of member Ilgiardinodeipigri
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Initial post 18 JAN 12 by Ilgiardinodeipigri
I tried to delete some photos but even if the processing form says it has been deleted the photo remains. Please could I ask you the favour to delete in my place the photos that you consider very similar? It wasn't my aim to create space problems to HMF site... I'm very sorry. I promise I'll never upload any other new photos in the future anymore.
Reply #3 of 11 posted 19 JAN 12 by Ilgiardinodeipigri
Dear Jay – Jay,
thank you for your very nice words : you are very kind : ).
As to now I’m a little bit frustrated and confused because sometimes it is difficult to choose between two photos and moreover this is the first time I heard about space capability issues (i.e. I work in photobucket where the space is unlimited and the same happens for my website provider).
Moreover I’m not able to delete the photos that appears similar : the processing form says the photo is deleted but the photo still remains. I asked an help to the HMF administrator but still no answer arrived
As a consequence I prefer to remain in “stand-by” waiting for HMF administrator instructions (if they hopefully will arrive). In the meantime if you want to enjoy new photos and very very nice people please have a look to I know that the site is in Italian but with the google translator you could navigate it and we would be very honored to have your contributions (…. And perhaps, who knows, you speak Italian very well!!!)
Reply #5 of 11 posted 19 JAN 12 by Jay-Jay
Bongiorno GdP,
I can understand Your frustration and confusion! For in the beginning, I also had some adaptionproblems with how to use the opportunities provided by this website; and I was a beginner too at the whole internetbusiness. (we have it since almost two years.)
But with some guidance, compliments and "virtual friendly slaps on my fingers", I got used to the customs (or habits, traditions, standard practice, normal practice) of this HMF-website.
(As mine were) Your intentions seem to be good and You're very enthousiastic! Please keep it that way and please have a little consideration towards the HMF-administration. For as I understand it, they are volunteers too.
You're willing to delete the "doubles" and now You are in need of information, how to do so!
The Idea of Lyn is excellent, so more people can enjoy Your contributions to the full span.
......But alas, I do not speak the Italian language, nor do I understand it, but I'll take a peek at that forum, You mentioned.
Heads Up! J-J
Reply #2 of 11 posted 18 JAN 12 by Lyn G
I agree with Jay-Jay. Your photos are beautiful. I found myself wondering about the names of the roses in the photos, so maybe uploading them to the rose pages will allow us to see the plants in full bloom and help you choose which ones best represent the plants.

Reply #4 of 11 posted 19 JAN 12 by Ilgiardinodeipigri
Dear Lyn,
thank you for your very nice words : you are also very kind : ).
As I told to Jay-Jay I’m still waiting for instructions from the HMF administration on how to delete the similar photos…… Your advice is very smart and when we’ll solve the overload issue I’ll do as you propose.
Reply #8 of 11 posted 19 JAN 12 by Rupert, Kim L.
There you go! The definitive word straight from the person who wrote it. Thank you!
Reply #6 of 11 posted 19 JAN 12 by Rupert, Kim L.
Hi, I agree, your photos are beautiful and I, too, wondered about the identities of many of them. I think you should upload the sumptuous photos like the ones you refer to on the individual rose pages. They are precisely the types many want...showing the entire plant habit and how heavily they can flower.

As for deleting the photos. I just deleted an earlier one I'd posted and it worked for me. You obviously clicked on the photo in question, clicked "Edit" then "Delete" and received the "Photo Removed" notice. If it still appears to show after removal, did you refresh your screen? It sometimes can appear to remain, but if you refresh your browser, it should disappear. I sometimes have that issue with comments and editing comments. Refreshing my browser always clears them up for me. I hope it helps.
Reply #7 of 11 posted 19 JAN 12 by HMF Admin
Your photo collection of the La Campanella nursery is superb and we are thrilled you chose to share it with the HelpMeFind community. We of course would be very disappointed if you choose not to upload any more of your wonderful photos. We're thrilled when someone takes the time to photograph a local public garden or nursery so extensively and professionally.

HelpMeFind is a small, user-community funded website with limited resources that we do our best to allocate to the best advantage. We currently have about 172,000 photos and many more are added daily. It is important we mange the rate at which photos are added or we risk exceeding our resource allocations in the future. Hopefully as HMF support grows we can increase the resources available to us.

Unfortunately HelpMeFind is not immune from individuals attempting to misuse our website. As such, we have had to build in some safeguards to thwart the actives of malevolent site guests. One of those safeguards is limiting the deletion of many photos in a single day. You will find you were able to delete several of your photos before the deletion limit was reached.

Our initial request to be a little more selective in uploading very similar photos was not a request to delete photos you've uploaded to date, rather its purpose was intended to be a gentle reminder to you, and other site guests, of our limited resources and to please make an effort to choose the best of your photos when you have several very similar ones.

We apologize if our request offended you as that was never our intention. We and the HMF community greatly enjoy your participation on HelpMeFind and we very much hope you continue to share your experiences, insight and superb photos.
Reply #9 of 11 posted 19 JAN 12 by Ilgiardinodeipigri
Thank you all for your support : ). I'm going to remove all photo first and then try to identify every rose ( it will be an hard work.....) and I'll publish the photos with the identified rose in the relevant rose page.
Reply #10 of 11 posted 19 JAN 12 by HMF Admin
We can help - instead of deleting the photos just update each photo's comments to include the name of the rose. We can then move the photo appropriately. How does that sound ?
You can update a photo's comment field by displaying the full size photo and then click the EDIT button found above the photo.
Reply #11 of 11 posted 19 JAN 12 by Ilgiardinodeipigri
that sounds very good..... thank you for your availability. Let me some days to choose the photos that worths to be kept.
Thanks Regard
Reply #12 of 11 posted 19 JAN 12 by HMF Admin
I have a suggestion, instead of deleting your La Campanella nursery photos pick the best of each of the rose specific photos and update the photo's comment field as previously suggested. We'll move those photos to the appropriate rose pages and the remaining photos will highlight the many roses the La Campanella nursery offers.
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Initial post 18 JAN 12 by HMF Admin
Wonderful (!) to have all these photos but please be aware HelpMeFind does not have unlimited resources so we ask our photo contributors to please only upload the best of very similar photos.
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