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Comtesse de Woronzoff  rose photo courtesy of member Eric Timewell
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Initial post 22 APR 13 by billy teabag
What are your thoughts about the veracity of this id Eric?
Looks like quite a vigorous climber and the foliage reminds me of that seen on roses with gigantea in their background.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 22 APR 13 by Eric Timewell
Billy, that's exactly why I find it so interesting. The Crimean examples are very old and appear to have been in the same place at the Alupka Palace since the 1830s. If so, they show that Léonie Viennot leaves and the rest of the gigantea elements were in use very early, at least in the Crimea. Von Hartwiss had access to vast plant material. The Crimean scholars think 'Comtesse Elizabeth Woronzof' is authentic. On the other hand, one's fear is always that the bush was replaced in 1910 by the latest climber from France.
You might find my Wiki site helpful:

The big mystery is how gigantea elements got into Léonie Viennot and other French roses before Etoile du Portugal and the other Cayeux crosses were made. One answer might be, from the Crimea.
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