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Crimson Glory  rose photo courtesy of member KBW Organic 9b
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Initial post 30 MAR by Give me caffeine
Odd growth habit for a Kordes HT. It look almost like a Tea there, with the nodding blooms.
Reply #1 of 8 posted 30 MAR by Patricia Routley
Nodding blooms are almost always a visual signal of perfume and ‘Crimson Glory’ certainly has that. Growing this rose in a raised pot would be an excellent way to grow it as the bush is low. Well.... in my garden it is. I look with amazement at the height we are quoting: to 6' 7" (75 to 200 cm).
Reply #2 of 8 posted 3 APR by Rupert, Kim L.
Not odd at all. The color, scent and weak peduncle are genetically linked. MANY seedlings have been raised in the past century attempting to break that link. You can get the color; you can get the scent; you can get strong peduncles; but you can't get all three simultaneously.
Reply #3 of 8 posted 3 APR by Give me caffeine
Interesting. It's basically just a scented red, and plenty of those don't nod. Exactly what am I missing? Is it a particular nuance of scent, or shade of red?
Reply #4 of 8 posted 3 APR by Rupert, Kim L.
Garnet red velvet petal with strong Damask scent. That color and scent combination has always come with weak peduncles.
Reply #5 of 8 posted 3 APR by Give me caffeine
Makes you wonder what the link is, and if some gene editing could get around it.
Reply #6 of 8 posted 3 APR by HubertG
Yet "Bishop's Lodge Muriel Linton"/'Hadley' springs to mind as straight-stemmed, velvety dark red and highly scented.
Reply #7 of 8 posted 3 APR by Give me caffeine
Judging by the (wildly variable) photos, that one is not the same shade of red.

(I really think people should take more care with photos, to try and ensure that what appears on their monitor corresponds to what their eyes see in real life. Quite often shots are out of focus, or wildly out for colour balance. I usually take stacks of photos to get a few that are usable examples.)
Reply #8 of 8 posted 4 APR by Give me caffeine
Although now I'm wondering about 'Oklahoma'. That one is velvety, and very dark red, and has a killer damask scent. 'Mr. Lincoln' varies in colour a bit, but in some moods could be called "garnet".

It's obviously some specific nuances that are linked to the weak peduncles, rather than just "strong damask scent" or "dark red".
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