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Lady Huntingfield  rose photo courtesy of member Patricia Routley
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Initial post 13 DEC by petera
Patricia, this plant looks to me incredibly like 'Lady Huntingfield'. My plants of 'Irene Churruca' which came from both plants at Rustons look very much like the photos uploaded by Hamanasu and by Margaret Furness. They have flimsy stems, thin-textured leaves that are very susceptible to black spot, and the usual number of fine, slightly hooked, red prickles. Peter
Reply #1 of 3 posted 13 DEC by Patricia Routley
Now you really have me thinking (and reading) and you may well be correct.
I will check with the ladies who take care of the Pinjarra Heritage Rose Garden and report back.
Thanks Petera
Reply #2 of 3 posted 16 JAN by Patricia Routley
Petera, many thanks for your thoughts on my rose.
I have checked and the rose at the Pinjarra site died, or went missing, a good while ago. There were no records on where the original plant named Golden Melody, came from. I have read the ‘Lady Huntingfield’ references and pored over the photos and think you are absolutely correct. I will rename and move my photos, and the 2011 reference tomorrow. Very grateful.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 16 JAN by petera
Glad to help. I am having my own misidentification problem at the moment with 'Joasine Hanet' but I will ask you that on the correct page.
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