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1997 New Rose Introductions
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Article (magazine) published Nov 1996 by American Rose Society.

Authored by American Rose Society
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1997 New Rose Introductions includes photos and vital statistics for the following 1997 introductions: 'Annie R. Mitchell', 'Angel's Blush', 'Autumn Sunblaze', 'Baby Secret', 'Baby Love', 'Behold', 'Bingo Queen', 'Blueberry Hill', 'Caesar's Rose', 'Cherry Meidiland', 'Centennial Star', 'Diamond Anniversary', 'Cherry Hi', 'Chris Evert', 'Clowing Amber', Dreamcoat, Cl.', 'George Burns Centennial', 'Happy Child', 'Golden Eagle', 'High Life', 'Heart O'Gold', 'Innocence', 'Jeannette', 'High Hopes', 'JuJu', 'Love 'Ya Dad', 'Lemon Meringue', 'Lost in Paradise', 'P.J.'s Pride', 'Paprika', 'Polka', 'Paris D'Yves St. Laurent', 'Rita Applegate', 'River City Jubilee', 'Rockin' Robin', 'Seattle Scentsation', 'Scentimental', 'Stainless Steel', and 'Voyager'.
You can order a copy of the November 1996 issue of the American Rose magazine by contacting the American Rose Society. There is a charge of $3.00 for each issue, plus shipping and handling.
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