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Glorious Old Roses
(2000)  Page(s) 185.  Includes photo(s).
'Rugspin'. Raised by Petersen. Parentage: rugosa seedling. Introduced: unknown. Type: Hybrid rugosa. size: 1.5m. For many years I was able to import beautiful old roses from my old friend Valdemar Petersen of Love in Denmark. His roses were always accurately named and always arrived in excellent condition. He sometimes slipped one of his own creations into the parcel and this was how 'Rugspin' arrived in New Zealand. It is truly a beautiful rose. the blooms are 13-14cm wide and the five single petals are royal purple in colour followed by large, fat, orange fruit. It is a very fragrant rose that will remain a lasting memory to a fine, dedicated rosarian.
(2000)  Page(s) 190.  Includes photo(s).
'Sanders’ White Rambler'. Raised by Sanders. Parentage: Origin unknown. Introduced 1912. Type: Rambler. Size: 5m. Over a long period of time a white Rambler with tight little rosette flowers has been grown in New Zealand. It was known as ‘Sanders’ White’. But after three journeys to the United Kingdom and Europe, I realised that the rose grown in these countries under that name was different. We now grow that rose and it has slightly bigger pure white blooms that are not quite so double as the former one, and it is possible to see golden stamens in the centre. The new version is fragrant and has deep green glossy foliage that contrasts beautifully with the white flowers. It blooms from early summer through to autumn, performs well as a Rambler, and is excellent trained on a pole or grown as a weeping standard.
(2000)  Page(s) 230.  Includes photo(s).
Trevor's Folly Raised by Griffiths.  Parentage Unknown.  Introduced 1990.  Type Rambler. Size 5m.  This rose appeared as a chance seedling growing up and through a 5m double, white banksia rose.  To have arrived in this position, the seed must have been carried there by the birds.  The flowers are single, about 5-6cm across, bright scarlet with a white eye, and appear in nice clusters.  If things work out for me, this will be used to create a new race of rambling roses. . 
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