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De Rozenteelt
(1860)  Page(s) 114.  
Damask...Admirable blanc bordé de rouge, medium size, full, white to greenish white, edged pink, grows vigorously.
(1860)  Page(s) 122.  
The Moss Rose...Ad. Brogniard, medium size, very full, vivid pink; vigorous. Portemer & Son 1857.
(1860)  Page(s) 122.  
The Moss Rose...Aimable Tastu, medium size, full, brilliant flesh-coloured lilac, globular. Robert, 1851.
(1860)  Page(s) 240.  
Rosa Noisettiana (Rosa moschata.) -- Rosier de Noisette. -- The Noisette Rose.
Belle Violette (Ainé), bl. kl., zeer gevuld, lila rose, schaalv.; zeer mild bloeijend.

Translation: The Noisette Rose.
Belle Violette (Ainé), small, very full, cup-shaped flower is purplish-pink; very free-flowering.
(1860)  Page(s) 122.  
The Moss Rose...Aixa, medium size, soft pink, flat form.
(1860)  Page(s) 119.  
Rosa centifolia...Alain Blanchard, large, semi-double, violet with darker spots
(1860)  Page(s) 161.  
Rosa arvensis ..(R. capreolata). - Ayrshire-Rose.
Alice Grey, beautiful, yellowish salmon-flesh-coloured.
(1860)  Page(s) 122.  
The Moss Rose...Alice Leroy, very large, full, lilac-pink, with deep red centre, bowl-form. *vigorous growth, tolerates only moderate pruning.
(1860)  Page(s) 119.  
Rosa centifolia...Anais Ségalas, medium size, full, crimson-pink, somewhat flat form.
(1860)  Page(s) 156.  
De Witte Roos.  Rosa alba L. — Rose blanche.
Ancelin, bloom zeer gross, gevuld, levendig rood.

Translation: Alba Rose.
Ancelin, the flower is very large, filled and bright red.
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