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Vintage Gardens Book of Roses
(2006)  Page(s) 340.  
Asta von Parpart  LCl (R). rrr/fff/2.  Geschwind, 1909.  [Provenance SJHRG]
This Multiflora hybrid has long been classed with the Ramblers.  We have moved it because it is, and has always been known to be an excellent rebloomer.  It has much in common in look with the Multiflora Ramblers like 'De la Grifferaie', and can build to a sizeable plant.  Flowers are the most delightful small, old-fashioned, flat, fully double things, deep carmine pink to light purple with a sweet fragrance.  A great repeater to add to the old rose garden. 
(2006)  Page(s) 154.  
Auguste Kordes, Climbing (Lafayette, Climbing; Joseph Guy) Floribunda Cl. Good, reliable rebloom. No fragrance. Long basal canes with many laterals. Kordes, 1928. ([provenance:] San Jose Heritage Rose Garden). This climbing form of the famous Lafayette returns at last to charm another generation of rose growers; rich, rose-red flowers of cupped form, in small clusters. Excellent rebloom.
(2006)  Page(s) 105.  
Polyanthas...Baby Bath (Bubble Bath Poly Seedling) Polyantha. Good, reliable rebloom. Good Fragrance. Compact. Robinson, 1989. ([Provenance:] Robinson). Tiny pink rosettes packed in bundles like little nosegays with a sweet perfume; this seedling of the Hybrid Musk Bubble Bath has all the charm of the earliest Polyanthas, excellent repeat and very dwarf, compact growth.
(2006)  Page(s) 184.  
Large, pointed flowers, long and double are a deep crimson with a satiny surface to the petals; flowers are richly scented, a blend of Tea and Damask.
(2006)  Page(s) 184.  
One of the most exquisite flowers among the many descendants of Peace; large self-colored deep pink blooms, of exhibition perfection, on fine long stems.
(2006)  Page(s) 82.  
BARONNE HENRIETTE DE SNOY, tea, good reliable rebloom, outstanding fragrance, habit: many tall basal canes, branching into twiggier wood above; Bernaix, 1897 (Huntington] Flesh-pink reversed carmine-pink, very double, very large and beautifully formed. Rather smooth stems of deep maroon make a rich foil to the subtly shaded flowers.
(2006)  Page(s) 186.  
BRITISH QUEEN "BEALES' THE BRIDE", HT. Good, reliable rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Compact and bushy. . THE BRIDE was a white sport of CATHERINE MERMET. This rose has a different look: globular, blooms of rolled-back petals and silky substance of white blushed with pink; growth compact and flowers often nodding. We are convinced that this is the original BRITISH QUEEN.
(2006)  Page(s) 184.  Includes photo(s).
p184. Beauté HT rrr fff 1 Mallerin, 1953. Provenance: Luhn.
This lovely French Hybrid Tea produces exquisite apricot yellow flowers of great size and fruity fragrance on a plant that is rather short. A great favorite of ours, from Carl Luhn.
p249, Picture. Beauté
(2006)  Page(s) 11.  
Gallicas.  Bellard  G. o / outstanding fragrance / Habit as per diagram 2.  Unknown, c1857.  Provenance: [SJHRG]  Very beautifully shaped flowers, full, very double, and symmetrical in a translucent shade of pink, light and bright at the same time.
(2000)  Page(s) 20.  
Belle Amour. Alba. No rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Unknown, re-intro 1940. [Provenance: Huntington]. A very warm pink rose with large-petalled flowers of rich spicy scent. Not typical for an Alba but showing many affinities to the class, including luxurious foliage. A very special rose and a graceful addition to the garden.
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