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The Rose Garden, 10th edition, 1903

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Book published 1903 by Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co.
ISBN: 0930576084.

Authored by William Paul (1822-1905)
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[From The Rose Garden, p. 26:] the first edition of William Paul's The Rose Garden was published in 1848...

By 1903, The Rose Garden, by William Paul, was in its tenth edition. Fifty-five years had passed since the first edition was published. Paul dropped many of the varieties described in the first edition in favor of better and more modern ones. All in all, he described over two thousand roses.

There are too many fascinating bits of information in this book, but here's a sampling to whet your appetite! In discussing the development of the Rose, Paul makes this point about Roses in comparison to other plants: The Dahlias are the offspring of a single species; the Heartsease arose from two; but the Roses of our day claim no less than twenty species as their progenitors. Should we not expect, then, from a larger surface on which to build, and a greater quantity and choice of materials, added to which, time almost unlimited, a superstructure to arise more grand, more varied, and more perfect?
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