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Roll Call: The Old Rose Breeder

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Book published Dec 2000 by Authors Choice Press.
ISBN: 0595140629.

Authored by Brent C. Dickerson
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Roll Call: The Old Rose Breeder: A Gazetteer of Breeders, Introducers, And their Roses Through 1920 is the third book from Brent C. Dickerson about roses and the first in a series entitled The Old Rose Researcher Series. Basically, Dickerson presents an alphabetical list of names (of breeders, introducers, places, etc.), indicating each one's significance and, in the case of breeders, roses attributed to that breeder. It's designed as a reference book, a sort of handy companion to keep alongside as you delve into rose lore and want to know who a person is or what significance a place has in rosedom. In the Introduction, Dickerson explains that this book is fashioned after a reference system he himself used while writing both The Old Rose Advisor as well as The Old Rose Adventurer. The information presented is the result of two decades of rtose research and includes up-to-date revisions and corrections concerning dates and attributions in his first two books.
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