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'Jacques Cartier' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 30 MAY 12 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
I have the same problems echoed by others: Jacques Cartier's scent is light, not strong - nothing spectacular to be worth the space it occupies. The bloom is really small in partial shade, the leaves are weedy. I have a hard time liking this rose. Its prickles get bigger as it grows bigger. The shape if gangly, and it blooms low on the bush, rather than at the tip. It's healthy in my alkaline soil, but the scent is VERY disappointing.
Reply #1 of 10 posted 29 JUN 12 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Ohhhh, I experience the complete opposite. Even as a tiny baby plant the scent of Marchesa Boccella is absolutely divine! The fragrance is very damask/honeysuckle combo. My soil is rock hard clay, full of rocks and very poor nutrients, very little earthworms in the untilled area. I do scatter coffee grinds and feed with Gardenville though. Also, baby roses can throw one off. I had a 100% genuine Climbing Etoile de Hollande that was supposed to be deeply fragrant (EdH being famous for intense fragrance), but 2 out of its 3 first blooms were of little or no! scent. It was not until the 3rd bloom that something started to activate so that I could tell in subsequent time it would eventually gain its reputed fragrance. Temps, time of planting, soils, I'm thinking all these have possible factors???? EdH and Marchesa did a 180 swap; huge flowers - no fragrance; teeny-weeny flowers - powerhouse fragrance. Go figure, lol!
Reply #2 of 10 posted 6 JUL 12 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Thank you Organic Roses! You spare me Jacques Cartier's life. I was about to kill that ragged weedy thing. You are right that the first bloom doesn't smell good. My first "Heirloom" bloom had no smell, but the second one smelled like yummy spicy floral sweet (I Love it). Jacques is in very poor soil and neglected (I was hoping he would die). I'll give him a second chance.
Reply #3 of 10 posted 6 JUL 12 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Hi, and Rosie Smiles! I also had to re-read more carefully-- you are in partial shade, but if you have too much shade most! roses get gangly, so you may want to thin out your plants surrounding it. My baby Marchesa Boccella is very graceful, it drapes very elegantly and is full of lovely leaves even in the heat (but I make sure it's well watered), whereas my friend has a gorgeous established Marchesa B., which is a very pretty rounded bush shape instead of my draping baby version. She is too shy to be on HMF, but her roses are BEAUTIFUL, especially her Marchesa Boccella! It is because of her that I got mine. She does say it is one of the most fragrant in her garden, and I would say the same thing too about my baby M.B. I also forgot the rose gardener I met at Costco with his 150 roses. He too says outstanding in fragrance. I think organic fertilizers like Gardenville can make a huge difference. But be very, very careful. In the Midwest the heat is a total killer!!! So everything has to be watered down to about 1/10th strength, no matter what fertilizer you choose, or else the roots will burn and you'll end up with a dead-as-a-doornail plant. ! never had a plant keel over from coffee grinds, though, and the earthworms love it :D. You might try transplanting a few earthworms into that bad soil region and put them with banana peels to feed off of.
Reply #4 of 10 posted 7 JUL 12 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Thank you, Organic Roses - much appreciated. I moved Jacques Cartier to more sun 2 months ago, and I will dig up some worms to put in that spot. My soil is tested by Earthco. to be deficient in potassium, necessary for blooms and stem strength. I can't put banana peels there since it's a hilly spot, and the strong wind here blows the peels on my lawn. You are right about chemical fertilizer burns roses in the heat, I only use alfalfa meal in the summer. Here's the link to salt index of chemical fertilizers:

Thank you for any info. on roses that give abundant cut flowers.
Reply #5 of 10 posted 8 JUL 12 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Hi! I will be corresponding by PM on details, lol! :D
Reply #6 of 10 posted 12 JAN 17 by Lavenderlace
Straw, how did this rose turn out for you? I've had it recommended for my hot area but scent is most important. Thanks!
Reply #7 of 10 posted 12 JAN 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
When I had JC as own-root, I didn't realize that Old Garden Rose need acidic rain water to bloom. It was stingy with my alkaline tap water (pH 9), and also stingy to a friend in CA with alkaline tap. It did bloom for me in a loamy potting soil with acidic rain, one tiny bloom & nice scent, but MUCH STINGIER than Comte de Chambord, which has a larger bloom and blooms easily.
Reply #8 of 10 posted 13 JAN 17 by Lavenderlace
Thanks for the information! CdC was actually my first choice today but ARE said that it just doesn't do well in our heat and that's why they don't carry it. They did recommend JC but that's good to know about the water.
Reply #9 of 10 posted 13 JAN 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
They are right, JC does best in full-sun, while Comte de Chambord takes partial shade well. Lots of people love Comte de Chambord, but lots of complaints about JC, either the scent is average, stingy, or blooms are small. Comte is cute, but JC is huge.
Reply #10 of 10 posted 13 JAN 17 by Lavenderlace
Thanks for your input, appreciate it!
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Initial post 23 MAY 14 by John Hook
I'n not getting into the correct identity dispute with this, but for info, I have this rose obtained as JC from the UK in the early 90's. I don't know who from but not Beales. Its in excess of 2 metres high here, by 3 metre width. Its been in the ground about 8 years.
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Initial post 23 AUG 11 by Cà Berta
Virginia (Jane), daughter of the Prince Esterhazy of Galantha, married in 1830 in Vienna Marchese Boccella, an Italian nobleman, prominent member of the court of Grand Duke of Lucca, Charles Ludovic of Bourbon-Parme. The marriage was not very successful and there were many rumours about her friendship with the Duke, friendship very useful to the political career of the husband. Also after the Duke sold the Dukedom to Leopold II of Habsburg-Lorraine, Grand Duke of Tuscany, in 1847, the rumours about the Marchesa Boccella’s relationships continued. During the 1848-1849 revolution and restoration Marchesa Boccella was a supporter of the Austrian troops that occupied the state until 1855. She was reported to ride with the troops and to attend the executions of the rebels.
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Initial post 13 SEP 10 by Patricia Routley
HelpMeFind has this rose as 1840. Brent Dickerson puts it at 1842. See latest refererence.
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