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A,C,E,F,G,L,N,O,P,T,VBehold ™ [SAVahold]

Miniature.  A clear, bright yellow, lighter reverse.  Beautiful exhibition flowers on long stems.  None to mild fragrance.  Double (17-25 petals), borne mostly solitary bloom form.  Continuous (perpetual) bloom throughout the season.  USDA zone 4b through 11.  Height of 22" to 26" (55 to 65 cm).  Width of up to 26" (up to 65 cm). F. Harmon Saville (1924-1997) (1996).

16 favorite votes.  

C,F,G,L,N,O,P,R,VLo & Behold [Deslobe]

Mini-Flora.  Yellow.  None to mild fragrance.  Medium-large, double (17-25 petals), borne mostly solitary, exhibition, high-centered bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  Height of 28" to 40" (70 to 100 cm).  Width of up to 3' (up to 90 cm). Luis Desamero (2008).

11 favorite votes.  Average rating: EXCELLENT.  

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