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A,C,F,G,J,L,N,O,P,R,U,VRugelda ® [KORruge]

Hybrid Rugosa.  Yellow blend, red edges.  Flowers citron yellow edged reddish upper.  Moderate fragrance.  Small, double (17-25 petals), cluster-flowered, in large clusters bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  USDA zone 5b and warmer.  Height of up to 6' 7" (up to 200 cm).  Width of up to 4' (up to 120 cm). W. Kordes & Sons (1989).

42 favorite votes.  Average rating: GOOD.  

C,L,O,P,U,VRugelda X R15 [RR15]

Climber, Hybrid Rugosa, Hybrid Spinosissima, Shrub.  Yellow.  Mild fragrance.  Semi-double to double, in small clusters, flat, flat to cupped bloom form.  Prolific, once-blooming spring or summer.  USDA zone 4b and warmer.  Height of up to 12' (up to 365 cm).  Width of up to 4' (up to 120 cm). Henry Kuska (2000).

12 favorite votes.  

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