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Article (magazine) published 1984.

Authored by

L. A. Grishchenko & L. G. Nazarenko

Developed at the All Union Essential Oil Crops Institute, Raduga was obtained by individual selection from a cross between Vesna (Rosa damascena X Rosa gallica subsp. eryosyla var. austriaca) and Krymskaya Krasnaya (R. gallica). In 1979-81, its average flower yield, when grown on its own roots, was 3.98 t/ha and, when grown on rootstock, 4.41 t/ha. These yields were 2.3 and 2.17 t/ha greater, respectively, than in the standard, Michurinka.

Article (magazine) published 1987.

Authored by

Dr. Robert E. Basye

Article (magazine) published Dec 1951 by American Rose Society.

Authored by

Howard J. Tenner

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Article (magazine) published 2008.

Authored by

Xin-Fen Gao & Xiao-Mei Wei & Li-Bing Zhang

he authors have determined in an extensive study that R. mairei is an distinct species, while R. omeiensis is a variety of R. sericea.

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Article (magazine) published 30 May 2011.

Article (magazine) published 1999 by House & Garden Magazine.

Authored by

Tom Christopher

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Article (magazine) published 1960 by Journal of Genetics.

Authored by

Gordon D. Rowley

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Article (magazine) published Sep 2000 by Historic Roses Group (RNRS).

Authored by

Barbara Tchertoff

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Article (magazine) published 21 Mar 1999 by Royal National Rose Society.

Authored by

Colin Horner

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Article (magazine) published 29 Mar 2013.

Authored by

Michal Wanner

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