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Rogue Valley Roses
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most recent 30 NOV 10 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 30 NOV 10 by Don H
Rogue Valley offers a great selection or roses. Their plants arrive on schedule, are well packaged and in excellent shape. Service and quality are top notch.

Rogue Valley and Burlington are my nurseries of choice. Pickering is a close runner-up.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 30 NOV 10 by HMF Admin
Thank you for sharing your experience Don.
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most recent 6 AUG 09 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 6 AUG 09 by AnneU
Loving English roses and Old roses, I have just discovered on the web Paul Barden's creations, and they are so nice that I would like to find them. Do you know if I can find Paul's roses in Belgium?
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most recent 24 MAY 09 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 MAY 09 by Allison
I ordered for the first time from this nursery this year. I am very impressed with the varieties of roses available, I had an extremely hard time choosing only 4 plants. Unfortunately, one I chose was no longer available. They promptly sent me an e-mail and said I could choose a refund of that plants price, or choose to substitute another. I did choose to substitute another. There is a place for special instructions as you check out, and I wrote "leave on side porch", as I did with all the other orders this year. I wish whoever filled the order had paid a bit more attention, as they only wrote "leave on porch" on the box. I found the box on the front porch 5 days after I received the shipping label notification, and I have no idea how long they were there, though I think unlikely more than a day. But the plants showed some wilt. All but one were very young, and very small, with only soft, succulent growth--that I feared was going to get mangled trying to remove them from the box. There was so much tape--taping them to each other and to the box--tape even on the leaves and on the soft growth!--It took me over 20 minutes to cut the roses free. I am going to leave them in their pots in the shade a few days to rehydrate them before trying to plant out. I hope that future orders don't ship the same way, and I hope if I order earlier, all the plants will be the older, sturdier size that one of them was. I hope they take more care to write special instructions. I will definitely order again from them though, because as long as the roses survive these are minor issues, and they do truly have a great catalogue of rare roses.
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