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Rogue Valley Roses
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most recent 1 MAY HIDE POSTS
Initial post 1 MAY by robbie
Trying to find a retail nursery that carries the David Austin Rose Mary Webb" .
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most recent 28 MAY 20 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 28 MAY 20 by mlaiuppa
Ordered from them in Jan 2020 and got my order. Very nicely packed. My free rose ended up being Lord Penzance, an out of stock rose worth $22. Very nice. The others are doing very well and a few even bloomed within two months. They are now on my list of favorites as reliable miniature rose nurseries are now becoming rare. Once I find one I can rely on I am a repeat customer.
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most recent 27 APR 20 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 27 APR 20 by sanantoniorose
Yikes! I am very nervous about my order from this company.

They had what I was looking for: fragrant thornless climbers, and I ordered 4 roses from Rogue Valley Roses before doing my dutiful research on the company.

I read the mostly negative reviews on the web, but these reviews appear to be a few years old.

I wonder if they have improve, still the same, or gotten worse :(

Has anyone ordered from them within a year and if so, what was the condition of the plants when they arrived and did you get what you ordered?

An update review or information of how their plants arrived to you, would be greatly appreciated, so I can prepare myself.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 27 APR 20 by Rogue Valley Roses
Hello Sanantoniorose,

Thank you for your post. I can assure you that Rogue Valley Roses is a very trusted name and nursery in the rose industry. We do our very best to maintain one of the world's largest sources of heirloom, hard to find, antique roses. Please contact us for any questions you may be having and we will support you in every way we can. We guarantee our plants to be healthy, accurately labeled, and ready to grow. We ask that you notify us within two weeks of receiving your order if there is a problem and we will replace the rose at no cost to you. Kindest regards, Scott Miller
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most recent 14 AUG 17 SHOW ALL
Initial post 13 AUG 14 by jasminerose
I ordered a very hard to find rose from the Rogue Valley Roses website and was very pleased with the healthy plant I received. I'm now a repeat customer. They had a bit of trouble filling my second order, because as they explained, it was in stock when I ordered it, but when they went to pull the plant there was an issue that they were previously unaware of. I understand that roses are by nature, unpredictable. I appreciate that Rogue Valley Roses wouldn't mail me a rose that didn't meet their standards. What I didn't expect was a personal call from the manager, offering me the rose from their own garden collection, so that I wouldn't have to wait until they could propagate more. I was really touched by the generosity and professionalism of this nursery.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 14 AUG 17 by mamabotanica
that's great! I ordered a very unique rose from them a week ago and still have no confirmation of my order. I even emailed and haven't heard anything. Does it take them a bit to respond and/or confirm an order?
I decided to just call to confirm and spoke with a woman on the phone who could not have been nicer. In this day and age I get impatient and expect everyone to be available with rapid response. It's nice to be reminded to slow down and try speaking to a real person for a change!
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