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Distant Drums  rose photo courtesy of Paul Barden
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Initial post 28 OCT by DLEverette_NC_Zone7b
AMAZING photo! I want to get this rose next year. I have a couple questions:
1) How did you amend the soil? I'm in an area with heavy clay too.
2) How far apart did you space Distant Drums and Hot Cocoa?
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Initial post 23 FEB 12 by Penelope
I purchased two of these last year. I thought that the Hot Cocoa that you have next to yours made a wonderful color compliment to the Distant Drums ( I think because the buds of Distant Drums are almost the same color). So, I decided I will be moving my Queen Elizabeths that are next to them now and will be replacing them with Hot Cocoa. Hot cocoa is supposed to be better for hot weather anyhow.

Just wanted to give some credit, where credit is due!! Thanks for the idea!
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Initial post 19 OCT 10 by Penelope
Thank you so much. I wish more people would post photos of mature bushesa nd not just blooms. :-)
Reply #1 of 1 posted 19 OCT 10 by Barden, Paul
Welcome. That is precisely why I posted it!
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