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Roses and Rose Gardens
(1914)  Page(s) 52.  
Aennchen Muller, pink, is one, and it is sweet.
(1914)  Page(s) 268.  
Alice Cory Wright, H.T., deep pink
(1914)  Page(s) insert before p.257.  Includes photo(s).
ALISTER STELLA GRAY. Pale yellow; the best of all Roses for stumps; it blooms continuously for several months.
(1914)  Page(s) 268.  
Altmarker, H.T., cream, flushed red.
(1914)  Page(s) 263.  
Apple Blossom, Poly. Pom., appleblossom
(1914)  Page(s) 269.  
Aschenbrödel, Poly. Pom(pon), peach.
(1914)  Page(s) 269.  
Barbarossa, H.P., red.
(1914)  Page(s) insert after p. 160.  
Betty. A splendid coppery rose, suffused with yellow, very compact and free, one of the best bedding H.T. Roses.
(1914)  Page(s) insert after p.52.  Includes photo(s).
Blush Rambler. One of the most useful of the Multifloras for pillars and arches.
(1914)  Page(s) 270.  
Canarienvogel, Tea, yellow.
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