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Rupert, Kim L.

Article (HMF Ezine) published Aug 2007.

Kim pays tribute to a southern California rose garden staple. Kim's articles are always popular.  If you're familar with his work you know why and if not, you are in for a treat.

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C,R,V Rootstocks

Article (HMF Ezine) published Apr 2010.

One of our favorite Ezine contributors and long time HelpMeFind participant, Kim Rupert, explains all about rootstock.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Dec 2005.

This month, Kim's article, from his "A Passion for Roses" collection, explores sports and his observations and experience with several. If you think he's talking about baseball you need to read this.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Sep 2005.

Another of Kim Rupert's excellent articles from his "Passion for Roses" collection. Least you have not yet come to appreciate Kim's encyclopedic knowledge of roses past and present - as is usually the case, it is likely Kim merely sat down and wrote this article with little need to page through reference materials. Rose discussions with Kim can be a surreal experience for the uninitiated. Enjoy.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published May 2005.

Rose authorities, and good friends, James and Kim collaborate on an article recounting a dedication ceremony for the Ralph S. Moore Rose Garden in Visalia. Guaranteed to warm your heart and make you smile even if you're one of the very few not familiar with Ralph Moore and his miniature roses.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published May 2005.

HelpMeFind is thrilled to have premission to reprint Kim's article collection from "A Passion for Roses". We will feature one every Ezine issue and you are sure to enjoy them all. We begin with an article covering all aspects of rose gardening.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published 1 Oct 2009.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published May 2004.

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