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Initial post 7 DEC 12 by cmtksu12
Does great for me here in NE Ohio. This was it's 3rd year here and she grew well and blooms pretty good too. I didn't get so many blooms as the first couple seasons, I think because I didn't prune this past spring. So, next spring I will prune well again and see what blooms up! :)
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Initial post 25 JUN 12 by cmtksu12
Awesome clematis for me! Very vigorous and blooms up a storm in late spring here. The blooms are a lovely double purple. It climbs very well and even tries to swallow up my bird house!
ClematisC. 'Huldine'
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Initial post 14 OCT 11 by cmtksu12
Available from - Joy Creek Nursery
Reply #1 of 1 posted 18 OCT 11 by jedmar
Thank you!
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Initial post 4 JUL 11 by cmtksu12
So far the rose is awesome for me! Vigorous, healthy foilage, and a velvety texture. Deep red and very lovely. So far I don't notice a fragrance, but maybe next year? Or my smeller isn't workin' right lol.
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