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A few years ago, I wrote about a blackbird messing up my administration/system, by building a nest with the labels I used for the budded rootstocks.
This year after a day at the waterside, I surprised a blackbird at my seedlings, that flew away whilst calling me names.
A few seconds later, I was calling him or her names, for I discovered it's tricky "business" over there:
It had been busy pulling out my seedlings of Musquée sans Soucis for nesting material. From over 150 seedlings, just a few were left over.
On the other hand, the day before HMF-member Marnix was over here after his visit to the roses in the Botanic garden Belmonte in Wageningen and we discussed about rigorous measures as for healthy seedlings.
Most of the Musquée sans Soucis seedlings were heavily mildewed, so we agreed, that I would only leave those with no health issues. (approximately 20)
The others would be culled. The blackbird must have overheard me and pulled out most seedlings that had mildew issues and almost no roots. The ones with a good root-system were anchored too well and couldn't be pulled out.
Nature at its best: Natural Selection!!!
On the other hand it pulled out a few newly potted seedlings too, I found in the garden, where I "sow" a lot of hips every year!
I will have to let them grow bigger in the future, before potting them.
30 MAY
At last the rootstock is growing and getting green.
Stayed too long in the cooled storage at the nursery. Next year, I will fetch them earlier.
30 MAY
Another seedling of this rose. With a button-eye:
24 MAY
The first Scharlachglut-flower of this year, always a sensation with it's color against a green background.
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