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Initial post 5 JUN by Sambolingo
Sheffield’s Seed Company sells seeds of “Schmid’s Ideal,” with the description “This selection has been popular in Europe for many years as a rootstock for budding rose varieties.” Could Schmid’s Ideal be the same as Schmid’s Unterlage?

Link to the webpage:,-Brier-Rose,-Dog-Brier/Dog-Rose,-Brier-Rose,-Dog-Brier
Reply #1 of 1 posted 9 JUN by Patricia Routley
I have added a few references to both 'Schmidt's Ideal' and 'Schmidt's Unterlage'.
It seems Schmidt's Unterlage might have been also called 'Schmidt's Special'.
Some references refer to both Schmidt's Ideal and to Schmidt's Special, so it appears they were two different rootstocks.
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Initial post 1 MAY by Michael Garhart
Definitely the real glutinosa! Glad others are posting photos of it, as it seems confused with other species roses. Its a cool rose. Not terribly big, and has a lot of neat properties.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 1 MAY by Sambolingo
It seems like it would appeal more to people than the rubiginosa bunch would since glutinosa's more compact. I'm glad that a nursery is selling it.
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Initial post 16 FEB 18 by Sambolingo
Available from - Overhill Gardens
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Initial post 25 DEC 17 by Sambolingo
Available from - Rose Petals Nursery
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