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Finally updating this - because no I did not just plant stuff in December in MO. All save Abracadabra (the Kordes red and yellow striped one), All-American Magic, Julia Child, and not-Halloween are in the ground. These four are in pots for this winter. Julia until I figure out her permanent home, Abracadabra and not-Halloween were bands and need some size before being left to MO's winters, and I haven't decided if AAM will be a pot-pet or not.

AAM has impressed me - shiny healthy foliage despite my 'care' during an August drought which had most of the others showing signs of stress. Both it and Graham Thomas threw three blooms and tried for a fourth, but the weather is just too cold. Enchanted Autumn tried to bloom, but was also caught by the cold.
17 AUG 17
still need to plant - Quicksilver, Julia Child, White Dawn, Ebb Tide, Abracadabra, Halloween, All-American Magic, Enchanted Autumn, Viking Queen, and Teasing Georgia. Some of these may go into pots for at least this year (Halloween, AAM, possibly Ebb Tide).

Good grief I need to pick up the pace!
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