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Initial post 1 JUN by Erik S. Nielsen
I want to enter a premium membership on your site, but I am living in Denmark. How do I do ???
When I try it is not possible for me to select Denmark as my country of living BR ERIK
Reply #1 of 1 posted 1 JUN by Patricia Routley
Erik, you are listed as living in Denmark.
Open MEMBERSHIP (on the top left) and then in PREMIUM MEMBER open the CLICK HERE. It should help you.
Discussion id : 110-860
most recent 20 MAY HIDE POSTS
Initial post 20 MAY by Jay-Jay
Since Thunderbird had an update and Windows a big-one, I have to sign in over and over again after closing the browser and opening it later again and visiting HMF.
Discussion id : 110-816
most recent 17 MAY HIDE POSTS
Initial post 17 MAY by Toni Hall
I did not receive my new member confirmation email. Can you help, please?
Discussion id : 110-765
most recent 15 MAY HIDE POSTS
Initial post 15 MAY by Olniko
I joined the premium membership but I still get the message saying I can’t do multiple search unless I become a premium member. I clicked on my membership and it says I am a premium member. Any ideas on how I can make this search criteria work?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 15 MAY by HMF Admin
First, thanks for supporting HelpMeFind.

Your account seems in order. Please contact our support department with the exact details of the search you are attempting to run so they can replicate your situation exactly.

Issues like this are usually the result of someone having multiple member accounts so please ensure you are properly signed in before running your search.
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