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Initial post 14 MAR by Patricia Routley
Responding further to PeterA’s very pale photo of ‘Golden State.
This is a curly one Peter. I have added G..le translations to the two conflicting 1937 references. The first one says “spiny reddish wood” and the second one says “few thorns”. The Patent section on prickles seems utter twaddle and I don’t understand it. Macoboy’s 1993 reference is also of interest and needs to be added in full - I haven’t yet read it. Today I will search my bookshelf and see what else I can find on this rose. (The March flies are horrendous here right now so a pleasure to stay inside).

Later edit. Peter, I have added a few more references.
Nobody at all mentioned the prickles. However, it was a pernetiana and so I think it had to be thorny and will change it from thornless to has thorns. I have no idea what Stirling Macoboy meant when he wrote "Do not confuse this rose with a later rose of the same name". So far, we only have the one 'Golden State' listed.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by petera

Sorry I missed your comment of a month ago. My plant is a pretty typical pernetiana but it does have quite distinctive foliage. The leaflets are oval or even obovate rather than the usual ovate, and very dark, matt green. It drives me crazy that on HMF there are so many interchangeable pictures of flowers but very few that provide information useful for identification. That is probably inescapable of as people get excited about their flowers and want to show them to others.

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Initial post today by Johno
Qingdao Rose Garden is located on South Terrace, Adelaide, Sth. Aust. "The rose garden celebrates the relationship between the City of Adelaide and the City of Qingdao in China.
The statue "Song of the Wind" which forms the centrepiece of the garden, was donated by the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government. The original version of the statue stands in the Little Qingdao Park in the City of Qingdao, China. The young girl, holding an ancient Chinese harp – Konghou, plays the symphony of the sea and the city. The two statues echo each other across the seas, bonding the friendship between Qingdao and Adelaide
The red roses symbol life and celebration in Chinese culture.
The City of Qingdao rose was bred and donated by George Thomson, a renowned South Australian rose hybridist." (Source: Monument Australia)
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Patricia Routley
Thanks Johno. I’ve added that as a reference.
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Initial post today by PNW
Rose Listing Omission



cup of gold climbing rose

Jackson and Perkins online catalog
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Patricia Routley
Thank you PNW. Cup of Gold added.
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Initial post 20 FEB 19 by Michael Garhart
So it seems possible Pink Panther is a triploid based on the ploidy of this.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 4 APR 19 by HubertG
It seems strange that this rose (Line Renaud/Dee-lish etc) should have an odd ploidy considering its breeding. It's hard to see how it would occur.
Does it set hips or give pollen?
Reply #2 of 4 posted 4 APR 19 by Michael Garhart
Pink Panther descends from a Tropicana line on one side and a Centenaire de Lourdes. Tropicana is a confirmed triploid Centenaire de Lourdes is of an unknown ploidy where triploid or tetraploid are possibilities. It is likely that Pink Panther and thus Dee-List concluded as a triploid through this way.

Graham Thomas has 2 triploids in its intermediate background, but I am not aware that the mixed ploidy was passed down to Graham Thomas itself.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 4 APR 19 by HubertG
Thanks, I just noticed too that Mutabilis is in Aachener Dom's breeding through Tamango, so maybe that might contribute. Graham Thomas seems to be the mother of a lot of offspring, so perhaps unlikely to be a triploid itself.
Reply #4 of 4 posted today by HubertG
It's interesting to see that 'Dee-Lish', as a triploid, is being used as a seed parent by the Antique Rose Emporium with both 'Crawfish Etoufee' and 'Fragrant Blush' being bred from it.
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