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most recent 25 FEB 09 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 FEB 09 by Heather
I very much want to buy a couple of the Rose - Charles Mallerin. Does anyone know where I can get them in Western Australia, please?
Reply #1 of 6 posted 23 FEB 09 by billy teabag
Have you tried the Perth specialist rose nurseries (Melville, Swiss, Dawson, Roworth) already Heather?
Roworths have it in their on-line catalogue, so it would be worth a phone call to check whether they've budded it this year.
Peter Ellis on Brookton Highway, Kelmscott, may also be able to help you.
If you're not able to find the plants you need, some nurseries will custom bud for you over the next month or so.
You're welcome to contact me if you'd like details and I have a plant of 'Charles Mallerin' if you need budwood.
Reply #2 of 6 posted 23 FEB 09 by Heather
Hello Billy

Thanks for your reply. I also just found it in Roworths Catalogue and made the enquiry. They didn't do it last year, so here's hoping.
Melville, Swiss & Dawsons didn't do it last year either although I had it ordered at Dawsons & when I phoned for a progress report they told they weren't doing it. Needless to say I was somewhat disappointed. I'm actually only guessing that this is the one I'm after. I have Chrysler Imperial but what I was initially chasing was the most fragrant red rose I have ever smelled which was a mature plant in 1958. I narrowed it down to maybe Tassin which I have but the flower is too small, all the other suggestions I have are too new as in 1960's.
Thanks for the offer of the budwood but I wouldn't have the confidence to try playing with it.
I hadn't heard of Peter Ellis on Brookton Highway but I might have a 'play' on-line or even white pages to see what turns up.
Thanks & regards
Reply #3 of 6 posted 24 FEB 09 by billy teabag
That's a tough one - so many fragrant reds have come and gone - some very similar.
'Charles Mallerin' is a very tall growing rose for me. Ridiculously long stems in fact.
If the rose you remember is in any way compact or bushy, I don't think it was CM.

Two [once] widely grown fragrant reds are 'Crimson Glory' (1935) and 'Lord Charlemont' (1922). Both were still on WA lists of recommended varieties in the 50s.

Good luck!
Reply #4 of 6 posted 24 FEB 09 by Heather Todd
Hi Billy

I'm still putting my money on Charles Mallerin.

Reply #5 of 6 posted 25 FEB 09 by Heather
Hi Billy

After contacting Roworths I received a reply saying that they would put me down for 2 Charles Mallerins so I'm stoked. Can't wait to get them home & in the ground.
Many thanks for you replies, suggestions, etc. Take care.
Kind regards
Reply #6 of 6 posted 25 FEB 09 by billy teabag
You're very welcome Heather.
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most recent 20 SEP 08 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 20 SEP 08 by donna mckinnon
does anyone know where I can get a bare root TRUE weeping rose? I don't want the J&P kind that are made from ground cover roses or that weeping china doll. I saw this kind in Medford Oregon many years ago at a Costco. They also advertise them in Australia. I'd like to find somewhere in the US
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most recent 1 OCT 07 HIDE POSTS
Reply #1 of 0 posted 1 OCT 07 by Nicci Price-Harris
Can you tell me where I could find a Ruby Anniversary Clematis? I'm having trouble locating one.
Thank you
Regards Nichola Price-Harris
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most recent 25 MAY 07 HIDE POSTS
Reply #1 of 0 posted 25 MAY 07 by Phil Hughes
Can anyone tell me the class to which the following celmatis belongs? It is a double bloom, wine red on the outside and pink on the inner. It is identified by the long name of
The Festoon Evision , Avant Garde Evipo 003 (N), Poulsen Collection
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