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Initial post 30 JAN 15 by Give me caffeine
This is a rather technical point, but I think it is worth considering. The terms of use for this site stipulate that images are not to be downloaded. I understand the intent here, but it conflicts with the way browsers are coded.

For performance reasons, all browsers automatically cache images. In other words (explaining for any non-technical readers) all browsers will automatically download the data for any image on the page you are viewing, and then store that image data on whichever device you are using. The only way of avoiding this is to disable image caching, which is something a front end developer might do when testing new coding, but not something the average user is likely to have even heard of. This means that, technically, it is likely that the vast majority of visitors are unwittingly in breach of the site's terms of use. Whether this would ever be an issue in practice is debatable, but it's nevertheless true.

Since the intent is obviously to prevent people re-using images from this site without authorisation, it may make more sense to stipulate that redistribution is what is prohibited. This term would cover everything from passing on a flash drive full of images to a third party, to re-use in another web site or app. This would not conflict with automatic browser behaviour, while still prohibiting anyone from re-using the images in an unauthorised fashion.
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