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most recent 14 MAY 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 14 MAY 16 by Patricia Routley
On a shopping trip yesterday in Western Australia, I saw a rose in the hardware/garden shop called 'Smooth True Friend'. Knowing that 'Cecile Brunner' is fairly thornless, and 'Climbing Cecile Brunner' was once called 'True Friend', I am wondering if they could be the same? Anyone heard of 'Smooth True Friend'?
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most recent 25 DEC 15 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 25 DEC 15 by HMF Admin
A happy and healthy holiday wish for our entire HelpMeFind community and a sincere thank you to all of you that have helped support our efforts, especially the volunteer administrators that give freely of their time to help manage our website day to day.

Thank you all.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 25 DEC 15 by Jay-Jay
Thank You and a merry Christmas to You and to all the HMF-members.
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most recent 5 NOV 15 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 4 NOV 15 by HMF Admin
Bill Grant is interested in learning more about what public rose book collections are available in the U.S.

He is generously donating his vast collection to a local university and he would like to know about other collections accessible to the public. Members of the rose community are invited to tell us about their, or other, collections and availability.

Thank you.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 5 NOV 15 by Patricia Routley
God bless Bill Grant. He sent me many books over the years and it is indirectly through him, that I am able to add many references to HelpMeFind.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 5 NOV 15 by HMF Admin
Yes, ditto on that one.
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most recent 7 MAY 15 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 6 MAY 15 by Nastarana
The March/April issue of the American Rose, which is the magazine of the American Rose Society, has a fascinating article about a garden called Rosenjang, and its originator and caretaker, Herr Ralf Berster.

The article led me to the English language site for the city of Eltville, one of 11 (!) rose cities so designated by an organization of German rose growers. I hope I have that right. In addition to the 11 "rose cities", the same organization has designated 5 rose villages and even one rose county.

The Eltville site mentions some roses not listed on HMF. They are 'City of Eltville', said to be red, 'Beautiful Eltville, said to be a Japanese rose, and 'Johannes Gutenberg'. Perhaps someone might know more about these roses and could tell us more about rose cities, villages and counties.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 7 MAY 15 by Patricia Routley
Charles Quest-Ritson in 'The Rose', UK. 2000. Vol 94, part 4, p. 112 wrote a similar-type article: Learning from Sangerhausen in which he says "....welcomes 120,000 visitors a year." It was so influential for me that I tried to persuade a couple of towns to go the rose way, but they had cloth ears.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 7 MAY 15 by Patricia Routley
‘City of Eltville’ – probably ‘Stadt Eltville’. See here

‘Beautiful Eltville’ – probably 'Schönes Eltville'. See here

We’ve added a bare file for 'Johannes Gutenberg'
Reply #3 of 3 posted 7 MAY 15 by Nastarana
'Glowing Achievement' , if you please. No wonder I couldn't find it. I can understand the reasons for renaming a cultivar when it crosses national borders, but the ridiculous names being inflicted on innocent gardeners by out of control PR flacks in English speaking countries have gone beyond ridiculous. Because of the name alone, I would not buy this rose, The Japanese, rose, 'Schone Eltville', looks rather interesting. I love the arrangement of petals in the fully expanded flower. .
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