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Initial post yesterday by Saintourist
this rose found in Vietnam with the name Old Rose 'Bạch Trà' , meaning: White Tea. No one know when it came to Vietnam. People use it to flavor tea.
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
I will respond further to the Comments for this rose.
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Initial post 2 days ago by Michael Garhart
CR has an online catalog you can search through. Unless you got it through a 2nd hand dealer on Ebay or similar, then it would be harder to find a match.

There is an off-chance the color is just being seasonally odd. But I can't tell you because I've never seen Moonlight Magic in person and the photo isn't ringing any bells for me.
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Initial post 2 days ago by HubertG
How does this photo from 1934 compare to those Black Boy's grown in Australia?
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Initial post 3 days ago by HubertG
It's a really pretty colour.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 2 days ago by a_carl76
The color was a lot better in person. Of course this is a first bloom and grown under lights so it is very possible it will change once it grows into a mature bush.

The most exciting thing about this seedling is that it is clearly not a self pollinated offspring of Lynnie (something it is known to do). With this specific cross I was looking for hints of yellow in the bloom as a telltale sign that the cross took. A few of the sister seedlings do not have this which forces me to look at additional traits to make the determination. I am sure the determination will end up being that they are self pollinated seedlings.
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