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most recent 16 MAY 08 HIDE POSTS
Reply #1 of 0 posted 16 MAY 08 by Pam
When does the peony bloom, its gotten big but has not have any blooms on it...
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Reply #1 of 1 posted 21 APR 08 by Mary
Can you tell me why the new leaves on my peony bushes would be wilting and dying? The plants are only about 7 in tall (new growth of the season) - this happened last year too but I thought it was from transplanting them to a new area-would it be something missing from the soil?
Reply #2 of 1 posted 11 JUN 08 by Jesika
are they getting alot of sun? they need that. how close did you plant them together. i have heard that they should be planted closer together rather than far apart. they needs ants to thrive also.
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most recent 9 JUN 07 HIDE POSTS
Reply #1 of 0 posted 9 JUN 07 by Chanel866
I have two peony plants and they are budding like crazy! However, I do not have many ants on them to help them open. Is there anything that I can do to help the process?
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Reply #1 of 1 posted 31 AUG 06 by Anonymous-164261
I live in Richmond, Va and have some beautiful peonies that were my Grandmothers for years and years.  My question is we are planning to move early next spring and I want to take the peonies with me, here in Richmond they bloom every mid May.  Should I dig the bulbs up this fall and store until I move or wait until spring?
Reply #2 of 1 posted 15 OCT 06 by Anonymous-164261
I had to move a year ago last May so dug my peonies and planted them in their new location then.  They bloomed the following month. (Peonies bloom in June in this part of Ontario.)  Although only a few had any blooms this year they all lived and I hope they will be adjusted and bloom next June.
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