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most recent 24 APR 12 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 APR 12 by Shannon03
I have a question! I've got spider webs hoping to all my plants. I recently had the lovely first experience with spider mites which ruined my gardenia bush, those were tons of little webs every where. What I have now looks jus like regular spider webing with a single web line going from here to there. My question is: If this is a plain ol regular spider is it doing any harm to all my roses and tomato plants, do I need to treat it or is ok to leave them alone? My logic was a regular spider might be helpful in keeping away and killing all the harmful insects...can someone tell me if I am right or wrong please!

Thanks a ton for any and all advice and suggestions! I love you guys here! Your great!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 24 APR 12 by Jay-Jay
I would leave the spiders alone doing their business: eating insects. They dont harm the roses, neithe'r do they help a lot. Maybe catching some of the helpers (like hooverflies and parasite wasps) or bees too.
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most recent 1 JUN 09 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 1 JUN 09 by Frhoden
What is wrong with my Day Lilies? All of my Day Lilies have white/beige specks every 1 1/2 inch or so all over the leaves. Earlier in this summer they had something like scale down toward the base of each plant where the leaves start growing out. These scale like pests were tiny, white spects that were in large numbers. I sprayed Dawn liquid soap mixed in water (this worked on my evergreen bush very well for scale a few years ago)into each plant growth area and that seemed to do the trick but now I have this other ailment. This problem is also on my Asiatic Lilies and on my Peonies. Can you tell me what to do?
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most recent 24 MAY 09 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 MAY 09 by barleecreations
Hello I am new to this site and don't know much about roses. I have found some bugs on my 'UNKNOWN' rose can someone tell me what they are? I have spotted them only in a few places, I want to stop them before they spread. Also would a water and dish soap bath remove them? Thanks much!
Reply #1 of 2 posted 24 MAY 09 by HMF Admin
The Website Links section has several links to websites specializing in diseases and pests.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 24 MAY 09 by Cass
Those are probably cast skins from aphids. Just wash them off with water. Aphids are ubiquitous with roses. A blast with the hose sends them far enough way that they have trouble climbing back up again.
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most recent 29 OCT 08 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 29 OCT 08 by Margaret Furness
One for the your-worst-nightmare collection: aphids and thrips, coinciding with an international Rose conference. However, there are also ladybirds and parasitic wasps and birds.
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