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most recent 26 MAY 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 26 MAY 17 by Ahiko
I have two floribunda roses ('Take It Easy' and 'First Crush') and a miniature rose that I would like to put into grow bags. What is the best size grow bag to grow my roses in?

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most recent 31 AUG 09 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 29 AUG 09 by Unregistered Guest
Hello! I just recieved my container rose from jackson and perkins, I am going to put in my favorite hybrid "Grand Prize" but I am wondering if it is too late to plant, I live in montana and it is already acting like late spring cold temps at night and so forth. what would you do? and if I keep it in a container how do I baby it until spring? any advice will be greatly appreciated!
Reply #1 of 4 posted 29 AUG 09 by Dave and Deb Boyd
I'm in Billings and have received roses as gifts this late in the season. I don't buy roses after the first of June. I didn't have good luck planting this late. I haven't lost any (out of 4) that I left in the pot, dug a hole in the veggie garden and buried it there. All were alive in spring and ready to be planted in the yard. We are zone 4/5 here. Hope this helps.

Reply #2 of 4 posted 30 AUG 09 by Unregistered Guest
thanks Dave! well, I went ahead and took the chance and planted it, I guess since it is guaranteed till next july from jackson & perkins I really have nothing to loose! LOL
anyway, thanks for the help!
Reply #3 of 4 posted 31 AUG 09 by Dave and Deb Boyd
Good luck :) The mortality rate of ours that we planted late was less than 50%. Let us know in spring how it did please.
Can't help mentioning I worked with a Dave Guinn at TriValley Construction in Sacramento about 20 years ago. He was from Montana too.

Reply #4 of 4 posted 31 AUG 09 by Unregistered Guest
I will let you know for sure how it does...I hope and pray it makes it!!!!! this has got to be one of my most favorite rose and I hadn't seen it in 10+ years for sale ANYWHERE and then Boom jackson & perkins brought it back! so I am excited to see what happens!

I will have to check with my father in law bill and see if Dave is related. I bet he is most of this family has done construction all over this place and there is a ton of family members, I will check it out!

is Billings at night as cold as it here??? I live between Kalispell &'s been dipping down to the 40's

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most recent 23 JUN 08 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 21 JUN 08 by cspratt
How many mini rose plants for a typical hanging basket would you recommend?


Chris. Spratt
Victoria, BC
Reply #1 of 4 posted 21 JUN 08 by Lyn G

I know this sounds obvious, it depends both on the size of the basket and the size of the rose. Miniature roses are defined by the size of their bloom, not by the size of the plant. There are miniature roses ... not climbers ... that can grow as tall as five feet. There are others that will never grow taller than ten inches.

Some miniature roses have such an upright growth habit that they will never look good in a hanging basket.

If you find a good "trailing rose" for your basket, you would probably only plant one rose in that basket.

What roses were you thinking of putting in your hanging basket ? Maybe we can give you more definite information, if we know which rose you were thinking about using.

Keep in mind that roses do best when they get about six hours of sunlight, so where you "hang" your basket will also impact the performance of the rose.

Reply #2 of 4 posted 22 JUN 08 by cspratt

Thanks Lyn.

I was considering going with fragrant minis such as:

Kathy (red)
Pandemonium (orange and yellow)
Peachy White (white)
Stacey Sue (pink)

and maybe :

Yellow Jewel (yellow but no fragrance)
Orange Honey (orange blend, no frag.)
Happy Hour (red, no frag.)

The baskets are 14" (I have three).

Chris. Spratt
Victoria, BC
Reply #3 of 4 posted 23 JUN 08 by Margaret Furness
Sweet Chariot is said to be good in a hanging basket, which allows the fragrance to waft (see its page).
Reply #4 of 4 posted 23 JUN 08 by Lyn G
Hi Chris..........

You have picked some good roses to grow, but some of them will not work in a hanging basket. For example, if you check the rose page for 'Pandemonium' you would find that it can grow from 18" to 32" tall. I doubt if a rose that can grow to a height of more than 2' would look good in a hanging basket. 'Peachy White' has an "upright" growth habit. This should tell you that this is not a rose you want hanging above site level. In other words, you really have to think about how a rose will look hanging above you.

I haven't grown any of the roses on your list, although I do grow a lot of miniatures so I can't give you any information by personal experience on these roses.

You can contact site members who have listed one of these roses in their gardens by clicking the GARDENS tab on the rose page and sending either a PRIVATE MESSAGE or post NEW COMMENT OR QUESTION when you have their garden plant list open to possibly find out more about the growth habit of a rose you are researching.

Re: Sweet Chariot ... this one I have grown as a tree rose. A great rose, but it won't work in a 14" basket. The spread on my rose was 3'.

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most recent 19 APR 08 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 19 APR 08 by Carmen in Alabama
Just bought the Mirandy rose, and from all of the comments here, I'd say I chose a good one. I am a rose neophyte and that brings me to my question. I potted this one in a concrete container. I planned to move it into the garage to overwinter, but now I fear I should have put it in the ground. Is this variety happy in a container?
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