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Initial post 4 JAN 11 by reload69
I have a row of Privet hedges which span about 50 feet long and 12 feet high. there are 14 privet trees all together and are planted 3 feet apart. The Privet adds nice privacy but could use some color. I wanted to know if it would harm the hedge to try and grow a Climbing rose such as New Dawn inside the front bottom half of the hedges to have some colorful flowers along with my privacy hedge. If so, how close should i plant this to the privet. If this would damage the hedge or would not work for the rose please let me know. Thank you for you help
Reply #1 of 2 posted 6 JAN 11 by Jay-Jay
Maybe another rose with less stiff canes and less brutal thorns? (Mme. Alfred Carrière? Crépuscule?) So the rose could be better trained and pruned. And the hedge is trimmed easier with a friendlier rose. Clematisses could add colour too, maybe someone of the Clematis section might serve You with some proper advise.

I would advise You to plant the rose at least 40cm. away from the hedge. It would need the first years some watering, unless your area is very wet. The roses better can't be planted on the shady side of the hedge. Privet doesn't root deep and has lots and lots of small roots right beneath the surface.

Good luck!
Reply #2 of 2 posted 7 JAN 11 by reload69
Thank you for the detailed reply. I am also concered about the thorns as well. I just enjoy the large flower size of the New Dawn Breed. Any Idea how often you need to trim a climbing rose to keep its desired shape. Also if anyone has a clematis suggestion that has worked for them and would be more practicle i will surley look into it. Thanks again for the help.
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Initial post 30 NOV 10 by Darrell
Location is important for roses. Does anyone know how high, how large the rose tea 'Captain Philip Green' will grow?
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Initial post 28 OCT 10 by hayat
when i sow seeds in soil the sprouts are extraordinarily leggy (the stem under the first two leaves is too long) after 4/5 days these start falling down and die may I please know the solution
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Initial post 14 OCT 10 by olde fashioned roses
Hi Every one,
I'm brand new here, and I have two questions that I hope to get some help for. My most pressing is, what is the most effective yet least toxic way to prevent damp-off in my rose seedlings? I've tried the 1/19 hydrogen-peroxide to water drench with some success, but don't know how often to use it. ( oops, here's another seedling question. Should I sterilize the commercial seed starter before I plant? thought it would have been already, maybe not.)The other question is, where to find rare roses that are grafted. I'm all for own root roses for old and robust shrub varieties, but where I live, Hybrid teas and floribundas do better grafted on robust stock and planted deep. I'm specifically looking for Smokey and Jocelyn, also other marvelous and strange colors ( have you seen Paul Bardens photo of a striped Jocelyn? GORGEOUS!!!!).
Thank you very much for taking time to help!!!!
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