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Initial post 3 FEB 09 by Zone 5 Gardener
I am looking for a climbing rose that needs to be shade tolerant. Live in Zone 5, Central Iowa. Actually prefer Zone 4 climbers. I've read about lots of them, but have questions about Leverkusen and Ilse Krohn Superior. I've seen both rated zone 4, but have seen them rated 5 as well. Both seem to require deadheading, which is difficult with a climber. Disease resistance is important. Fragrance less important. I want one that blooms as long as possible as this will be in a prominent spot and viewed from the street 20-30' away. I had a once bloomer there previously that was removed for Rose Rosette Disease. So, will want one on own root. Do not want a strong pink, like Uterson, or red or orange. Unfortunately, many of the zone 4 roses are red. I'd like to hear your comments and experiences about these 2 and if you have suggestions for other roses. I grow New Dawn, which died back some last year and will again with the hard winter we have this winter, William Baffin, Uterson, Cornelia, Autumn Sunset, Darlow's Enigma and a number of miniature climbers. I have Zepehrin Drouhin but it does not do well. Doesn't seem to die back, but not thrifty. Will move this year to give it one more chance.
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